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SDN blogs: Evolving SDN ecosystem; Are white-box claims exaggerated?

SDN bloggers look at the evolving SDN ecosystem, how SDN has changed within the past year and if certain white-box switch claims are exaggerated.

This week, SDN bloggers take a look at the evolving SDN ecosystem, SDN within this past year, and the accuracy of recent white-box claims.

Greg Ferro's SDN retrospective

Greg Ferro examines SDN developments in the past year on his Ethereal Mind site. He notes the emergence of OpenDaylight in early 2013 and refers back to a strategy map he posted in March 2013 with a comparison to how that might look different today.

Connectivity, vendor platforms and startups have all played a role in the changing SDN landscape within the past year. Ferro writes that he's surprised how quickly SDN has moved from 'Ethernet Switching' to include WAN, security, wireless and optical networking. However, Ferro notes some serious market challenges, including ACI not yet being shipped and unacceptable pricing on VMWare's NSX.

Take a look at Ferro's full post outlining how SDN has changed in the past year and what to look for in the year ahead.

SDN confusion remains -- but we want it anyway

On The Var Guy site, author Michael Cusanelli writes an overview of the results of the recent "State of the Network" survey done by Network Instruments. Nearly 40% of respondents consider SDN to be indefinable, even though many plan to implement the technology in their businesses.

According to the survey, 22% of the respondents plan on implementing SDN by the end of the year. However, when the survey asked respondents to define SDN, the answers were surprisingly varied. Forty eight percent of respondents said their primary reason for adopting SDN was to improve their ability to adapt to changes in business demands, while another 40% said SDN was important to them to deliver new services more quickly to their customers.

Check out Cusanelli's post in its entirety to learn more about the SDN results from the 'State of the Network' survey.

SDN ecosystem continues to progress

As the SDN ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, Jason Edelman felt the need to break down who's doing what in the SDN space on his personal blog site. He writes that although some companies have a clear vision of what they're doing with SDN going forward, many don't but are calling themselves "next generation SDN companies."

Edelman includes an image of the SDN ecosystem as he sees it today. He also includes a list of major current players in the SDN space and what they're working on, as well as a list of future players in the SDN space.

Take a look at Edelman's list of players in the SDN ecosystem and what they're currently up to.

How accurate are white-box switch estimates?

On his ipSpace blog, network engineer Ivan Pepelnjak addresses an article by SDN Central's Craig Matsumoto who quoted claims that white-box top-of-rack switches will be the second leading sellers behind Cisco with 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports costing around $100. Pepelnjak says these claims are over exaggerated even based upon other information in the very same article.

Check out Pepelnjak's post dispelling recent white-box switch claims.

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