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In case you missed it: Cisco eyes startups in $150M investment plan

Cisco, HP and IBM roll out initiatives aimed at startups, security and servers, respectively.

Cisco investing $150M in startups

Cisco Systems said it will be giving $150 million over the next few years to startup companies to help fuel innovation. The funds will be focused on the development of technology markets such as big data and analytics; the Internet of Things (IoT); connected mobility; storage; silicon; the content technology ecosystem and India innovation. Among companies receiving Cisco's funding are startups Alchemist Accelerator, Ayla Networks and Evrything.  

IBM announces high-end server aimed at social media

International Business Machines (IBM) introduced Power8, a high-end system server said to be 50 times faster than competitors. The machines are geared toward new social and mobile computing platforms and are most appropriate for anyone dealing with large amounts of data. Market reaction was mixed, with some analysts saying the servers will help IBM make its mark in a cloud-connected environment while others said the new product family is too market specific.

HP releases business-focused security management service

Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced an information security management system aimed at helping businesses make decisions based on the impact of potential security threats. The HP Security Metrics Service uses security data already in place at an organization and sends out an alert when a stakeholder's business objectives are at risk due to a security breach.  Alerts are displayed in a dashboard, making them easy to read and analyze. The service is aimed at providing system visibility in order to allow security pros to make proactive decisions before security threats affect business.

Motorola invests in B2M solutions

Motorola Solutions said it's investing in B2M Solutions, a U.K.-based provider of mobile device analytics and optimization software. Motorola said it would use B2M's Elemenz software to offer enterprises data and information managers can use to improve their organizations' productivity and revenue possibilities. Among Elemenz' features are capabilities engineered to monitor signal strength, battery utilization and application utilization, customized to the specific device.


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