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SDN blogs: Key ideas for an SDN deployment; learn the basics of NFV

SDN bloggers take a look at key ideas to understand when considering an SDN deployment, the basics of NFV, and OpenDaylight's new internship program.

Considering an SDN deployment? What network engineers need to know

On the No Jitter website, analyst and consultant Tom Nolle penned a piece looking at recent SDN adoption trends and highlighting what network engineers need to know when considering an SDN deployment. The fact that there are four different product sets in the market that all call themselves "SDN" is one of the first factors users must consider.

Nolle wrote that SDN is still very immature, and he added a few additional points users should consider: SDN adoption will take place first in the data center; users need to expand their "SDN mission" among data centers or across branches; and users shouldn't expect SDN to make major changes in the carrier services they consume.

Take a look at Nolle's full breakdown about what network engineers need to know about SDN deployments.

OpenDaylight internship announced for student SDN developers

The OpenDaylight project recently announced it would offer internships for student SDN developers. On his site, the VAR Guy, Chris Tozzi, wrote that the summer internship program will aim to grow the next wave of open source SDN developers. The organization's partnerships have been mainly business-based up until now. The internship will expand OpenDaylight's reach into academic circles by allowing five students from different universities to work remotely on a development project related to OpenDaylight, along with a mentor from the organization.

Read Tozzi's full post on OpenDaylight's new internship program for students.

Juniper and VMware partner to better help cloud customers

On VMware's network virtualization blog, Hatem Naguib, vice president of networking and security at VMware, explained how an extended partnership with Juniper Networks is helping VMware offer better application agility for cloud customers. Network virtualization doesn't solve all the problems that exist in a network, he wrote, which is why the company expanded its partnership with Juniper to help with application performance, integrated management and enhanced data sharing.

Naguib explained how both companies will commit resources to exploring three key network virtualization concepts: how to expand the integration of both companies' management tools; how to unite switching and routing across physical and virtual networks; and how to share analytics and telemetry data to fix anomalies and errors without human intervention.

Check out Naguib's post in its entirety, detailing VMware's plans with Juniper Networks to better its NSX offering.

Learning the basics of NFV

On his IP Space blog, network engineer Ivan Pepelnjak linked to a presentation on network functions virtualization (NFV) basics. In his post, Pepelnjak explains things are still tricky when it comes to NFV deployments. It's already easy to offer existing applications in VM format, and some software-only tools have impressive performance. Building a cloud environment is also needed and can be done either with companies like VMware or Microsoft, or by building your own open source cloud using OpenStack or CloudStack. The real problem with NFV today is orchestration, Pepelnjak explained. Issues arise when it comes to mapping new service requests into VMs that have to be spun up, provisioned and configured, along with service integration.

Take a look at Pepelnjak's post on NFV basics and click through for a NFV, SDN video.

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