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SDN blog roundup: Open source SDN; Facebook's IPv6 data center

This week, SDN bloggers discuss the desire for open source SDN among industry professionals and Facebook's quest to deploy an IPv6 data center.

Dev Ops versus high-level networking skills: What are companies looking for?

Engineer and blogger Jason Edelman went lurking on LinkedIn jobs to find out what skill sets employers are seeking from network engineers. Very few, he learned, care about SDN skills, but many more place an emphasis on DevOps, he wrote in his blog this week.

Edelman questioned whether vendors are forgoing expert-level network skills in order to attract engineers who are familiar with DevOps. He ended his post by questioning whether companies are looking for engineers who can fit into existing DevOps cultures and subsequently learn to script, or if they're looking for DevOps engineers who are willing to learn about networking.

Take a look at Edelman's post exploring current networking job postings and skills.

The lies and misconceptions of SDN

On the Gartner blog, Research Director Andrew Lerner spelled out 10 lies and misconceptions of SDN. For example, Lerner wrote that SDN is no longer just for hyper-scale Web companies or academics; implementations are creeping into mainstream. White box switching isn't the same as SDN, and OpenFlow doesn't necessarily equal SDN, either. Lerner added that SDN isn't just a "network upgrade," and he warned that it should be deployed opportunistically along with specific use cases. Lastly, he clarified that any vendor who claims they were doing SDN before it was popular is probably lying.

Check out all 10 of Lerner's lies and misconceptions about SDN.

OpenDaylight survey: Companies want open source SDN

On Talkin' Cloud, author Christopher Tozzi summed up the results of a recent survey commissioned by the OpenDaylight Project. The survey, called SDN, NFV, and Open Source: The Operator's View, had three definitive points, Tozzi wrote. Nearly all professionals who responded want SDN to be open source. Network admins also see SDN as a solution to a variety of challenges, and SDN is already in a strong adoption phase throughout the industry.

Although these results are good for the open source community, the survey revealed there are perceptions among network professionals that don't bode well. For instance, some think SDN could pose more security or deployment challenges than proprietary alternatives. However, the survey concluded these could become outdated worries in the near future, similar to those associates with open source projects like Linux or OpenStack.

View Tozzi's full overview of the results of OpenDaylight's recent SDN survey.

Facebook's IPv6 data center

On his IP Space blog, SDN expert Ivan Pepelnjak wrote that there's one more player in town who's looking to deploy IPv6 -- Facebook. The social networking giant announced last week at the V6 World Congress that it's working toward having an IPv6-only data center.

Pepelnjak outlined background on Facebook's decision to go with IPv6 and some challenges the company has run into along the way. He wrote that Facebook's decision to embark on its IPv6 adventure proves it can be done at scale, and that the bugs they've learned along the way will help future IPv6 deployments.

Check out Pepelnjak's breakdown of Facebook's decision to deploy an IPv6-only data center.

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