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Overheard on Twitter: ONS 2014 highlights NFV; SDN as disruptive IT

Twitter users covered major talking points at the ONS 2014, including SDN and NFV, as well as SDN as a disruptive technology.

The Open Networking Summit (ONS) kicked off on March 4 in Santa Clara, Calif., and attendees took to Twitter to cover keynote talks, offer commentary and discuss key. From panel discussions covering the importance of open source technologies to top vendors breaking down their SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) strategies, Twitter was the place to go to recount some of the most memorable moments from this year's ONS. We scoured the social media platform and gathered the best commentary from the most talked-about panel discussions and keynotes, as well as comments and opinions from ONS attendees.

The importance of being 'open' for the future of computing and networking

SDN expert Guru Parulkar kicked off the event's first keynote, which also included panelists Najam Ahmad from Facebook, Dan Pitt of the Open Networking Foundation, Jim Zemlin from the Linux Foundation and Jono Bacon from Canonical. Parulkar stated the importance of preparing for SDN to go mainstream, while pointing out the various areas of the network that SDN impacts. From programmability and infrastructure to new revenue streams and the reduction of Opex and Capex, the five panelists had a lot to say about how "openness" is key to the success of computing and networking going forward.

Transformation, innovation, and SDN and NFV at AT&T

John Donovan, senior executive vice president at AT&T, took the floor and discussed AT&T's SDN strategy in his keynote speech. AT&T is focusing its efforts on its User-Defined Network Cloud, a multi-tenant platform built on both NFV and SDN. The four principles that play a major role in AT&T's strategy with its platform include openness, simplicity, scalability and security. Donovan reiterated that the company is undergoing a major overhaul and is changing up a number of aspects, including how the network is built, the equipment and software used, how the company is buying, and AT&T's operations and culture.

SDN as a disruptive technology

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, technologist and investor at Khosla Ventures, spoke about SDN's role as a disruptive technology and the importance of this change in the industry. He touched on cost changes, the complexity of SDN and why it's necessary to have flexibility.

Andromeda SDN at Google

Amin Vahdat, distinguished engineer at Google, gave insight during the show into Google's infrastructure services, codenamed Andromeda. These services include network virtualization in Google's internal networks, allowing the company to provide SDN control of the entire hardware and software stack. Vahdat spoke about the challenges that come with network virtualization, including isolation, distributed denial-of-services attacks and even NFV. He continued to explain the inner workings of Andromeda and shared case studies from Google.

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