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SDN blogs: CLI issues; SDN deployment will take longer than we think

SDN bloggers discuss CLI issues and the bigger problem, common SDN myths, and whether SDN deployment will take longer than expected.

Exploring a common programmable abstraction layer for network devices

SDN expert Jason Edelman links to a keynote panel from the Open Compute Summit, in which panelists explore opening up network hardware with a common abstraction layer.

Although some disagreed with the idea of creating a common layer, Edelman writes that it's a valid option as the industry transitions and acquisitions continue to occur. He discusses the importance of common or standard application programming interfaces and notes that SDN models with and without controllers are both valid.

Take a look at Edelman's full post exploring controllers and a common abstraction layer for network devices.

Will SDN deployment take longer than planned?

In a Current Analysis blog, analyst Mike Fratto explores why SDN deployments will take longer than we think. Although many of Fratto's colleagues say SDN will go mainstream within the next two to three years, Fratto proposes it will take about 10 years because most enterprises don't have a compelling need for it. What's more, SDN is a nascent technology that has yet to move into the early adopter phase, he writes.

Read more about Fratto's reasoning as to why SDN deployments will take longer than planned.

Why command-line interface isn't really the problem

On his ipSpace blog, networking expert Ivan Pepelnjak expands on a blog post written by Packet Pusher's Ethan Banks, which looks at how the command-line interface (CLI) is -- or isn't -- hindering progress.

Pepelnjak argues that issues with CLIs are mainly hype, generated by SDN startups in hopes of selling their product to venture capitalists. Pepelnjak adds that CLIs are still the most effective way of doing things, and he refutes that CLIs create vendor lock-in.

Check out Pepelnjak's post in its entirety, which explores CLI and if it's as big of a hindrance as we think.

The myths of software-defined networking

On the SiliconANGLE blog, author Jack Woods breaks down five common SDN myths, writing that although there's been buzz around SDN, there is still confusion and doubt about it due to its immaturity and small repository. Woods addresses myths such as that SDN is "just a fad" and that SDN is the same as virtualization. He also adds that SDN has more than financial impacts and offers engineers a tool that allows for more elasticity, flexibility and interoperability. In addition, Woods works to dispel the myths that SDN is a hardware killer and that it presents serious security issues.

Take a look at Woods' post explaining the myths surrounding SDN and why they aren't necessarily true.

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