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Thinking about SDN? Here are 42 vendors that offer SDN products

After determining your organizational needs, it's time to find a vendor whose SDN product works for you. Here are 42 vendors that sell SDN products.

Editor's note: This is part two of a two-part series by Ethan Banks, which looks at the challenge of choosing an...

SDN product. Part one breaks down 14 questions buyers should pose to vendors before investing in their product.

Many companies are offering a wide array of SDN products. However, each SDN product strategy can differ radically from company to company. While some base their products on the traditional view of SDN, others offer software overlays with hypervisors that control the virtual network.

After determining your organizational needs and deciding on what you need out of an SDN, it's time to find a vendor whose SDN product works for you. Here is a representative list of companies that sell SDN products.


Adara Networks Inc.

Anuta Networks

Arista Networks Inc.


BigSwitch Networks Inc.

Brocade Communications Systems Inc.


Citrix Systems Inc.

ConteXtream Inc.

Cumulus Networks

Cyan Inc.


Embrane Inc.

Enterasys Networks Inc.

Ericsson Inc.

EstiNet Technologies Inc.

Extreme Networks Inc.

F5 Networks Inc.

HP Networking


Infoblox Inc.

Insieme Networks


IP Infusion

Juniper Networks Inc.

Metaswitch Networks


NEC Corp.

Netgear Inc.

Nuage Networks

One Convergence Inc.

Palo Alto Software Inc.

Pica8 Inc.

Plexxi Inc.

PLUMgrid Inc.

Pluribus Networks Inc.

Riverbed Technology Inc.

Silver Peak Inc.

vARMOUR Networks Inc.

Vello Systems Inc.


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