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15 SDN experts to follow on Twitter

Whether they were sharing content or chatting with peers, SDN experts had a lot to say on Twitter this year. We picked out 15 to follow.

The SDN vision took shape this year with vendors releasing products and roadmaps. Yet, the more vendors made moves, the more questions users had. Should they go with software overlays, or they should they hold out and re-architect their networks with controllers and new switches? Would there be some way to combine the two strategies? Would there be a hybrid approach?

SDN experts took to their blogs to discuss the new technology, but they also turned to Twitter to both share and seek information. In fact, Twitter seemed to create a whole new crop of SDN experts that suddenly had a healthy forum of listening ears.  We picked 15 SDN experts that networking professionals should follow on Twitter.

  1. Martin Casado, @martin_casado: As the chief architect of networking at VMware Inc. and the creator of OpenFlow, Martin Casado is a natural option for SDN experts to search out on Twitter. On the social networking site, Casado remains immersed in the industry, connecting with other SDN heavyweights and sharing SDN and network virtualization content. Casado also links to posts he has authored on Network Heresy and the VMware company blog.
  2. Kyle Mestery, @mestery: As a principal engineer at Cisco Systems Inc. and a Neutron Core Team Member at OpenStack, Kyle Mestery stands out on Twitter as an expert in cloud, virtualization and SDN. Mestery blogs on his personal site, Silicon Loons, and when on Twitter, he sticks  to a mix of conversation among industry peers, the sharing of Cisco-related content, and commentary on open source topics.
  3. Mike Dvorkin, @dvorkinista: As the chief scientist and co-founder of Insieme Networks, Mike Dvorkin is a key SDN expert to follow on Twitter. He fathered Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure, and the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller. On Twitter, he engages regularly in industry chatter with peers while lending insight into Cisco's SDN approach.
  4. Jason Edelman, @jedelman8: Jason Edelman is one of our own SearchSDN experts and he's a solid supplier of SDN and network virtualization knowledge on his Twitter account. As a senior solutions architect with a focus on network virtualization and SDN, Edelman shares his opinions, while engaging in thought-provoking conversations with industry peers. He also blogs regularly on his site, Jason Edelman's Blog.
  5. Mike Bushong, @mbushong: Also a SearchSDN expert, Mike Bushong is the vice president of marketing at Plexxi with a history at Juniper Networks of driving their SDN strategy. Bushong stands out on Twitter as an authoritative voice on both technology and business issues in SDN. Bushong also links to his popular blog posts on the Plexxi company site, digging deep into the SDN tech issues that most others don't touch.
  6. Brent Salisbury, @networkstatic: Brent Salisbury is a key SDN blogger  and another SearchSDN expert. He is a network architect at a state university and a developer on the OpenDaylight project. On Twitter Salisbury discusses OpenStack, OpenFlow, Open vSwitch and OpenDaylight. He also regularly tweets links to his work and other interesting SDN content on the Web.
  7. Greg Ferro, @etherealmind: Off of Twitter, Greg Ferro is a co-founder of the popular site, Packet Pushers, as well as a working network engineer consulting on large-scale data center and cloud projects. Ferro is also the author of the popular Ethereal Mind blog, one of the oldest steady networking blogs going. Today, Ferro has accumulated a strong following and continues to tweet SDN-related content from both Ethereal Mind and Packet Pushers.
  8. Shamus McGillicuddy, @ShamusTT: We couldn't forget about our own Shamus McGillicuddy when it comes to SDN experts on Twitter. As director of news and features for TechTarget's Networking Media Group, McGillicuddy is immersed in the SDN industry, tweeting multiple times daily with content and commentary focused on the emerging technology.
  9. Lisa Caywood, @RealLisaC: Senior product marketing manager at Brocade Communications, Lisa Caywood has proven herself an SDN expert -- on and off of Twitter. Caywood's SDN commentary and links to content throughout the blogosphere makes her an ideal SDN expert to follow.
  10. Tom Hollingsworth, @networkingnerd: A long-time network engineer and collaborator with Stephen Foskett, who runs Tech Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth blogs regularly on his site, The Networking Nerd. On Twitter, Hollingsworth, CCIE, has accumulated quite a following by tweeting SDN content and engaging in conversation with his Twitter peers. Hollingsworth is also active in a number of tweetups, including those organized by Dell and Cisco.
  11. Lori MacVittie, @lmacvittie: Formerly an editor at Network Computing Magazine and now of F5 Networks, blogger and tweeter Lori MacVittie is a self-described "very opinionated geek." MacVittie holds true to her bio description by regularly tweeting SDN-related content and commentary on a range of topics, always injecting just a touch of humor and sarcasm.
  12. Scott Lowe, @scott_lowe: IT professional Scott Lowe specialized in virtualization, networking, storage and servers, while blogging on his personal site, Lowe isn't afraid to explore the technical side of virtualization and SDN while translating his thoughts and commentary into insightful Twitter comments and conversations with fellow tweeters.
  13. Ivan Pepelnjak, @ioshints: Although he tweets sporadically, popular blogger Ivan Pepelnjak has accumulated quite a following on the social networking site. His blog, IP Space, doesn't shy away from the technicalities of SDN, network virtualization and OpenFlow, and on Twitter, Pepelnjak takes that same approach by engaging with followers and even pulling from Twitter questions to create blog posts on his site.
  14. Ethan Banks, @ecbanks: As co-founder of Packet Pushers, and author of The Peering Introvert blog, Ethan Banks has solidified himself as an expert in the SDN space. He tweets content from both sites, as well as commentary on SDN topics, and engages in conversation with industry peers.
  15. Craig Matsumoto, @craigmatsumoto: Craig Matsumoto is the managing editor of SDNCentral. Matsumoto spent time at both Light Reading and EE Times, covering topics like switching, Ethernet, optical networking and semiconductors. On SDNCentral, Matsumoto is a critical voice on industry commentary, sharing on Twitter links to SDN content on the social networking site and engaging in conversation with industry experts.

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