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WildPackets upgrades monitoring appliances for 10, 40 GbE networks

WildPackets releases new group of network performance monitoring appliances geared to 10 GbE and 40 GbE deployments.

WildPackets Inc. released a new line of network performance monitoring appliances for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 GbE networks.

The devices, the Omnipliance CX, MX and TL, are engineered to provide the visibility enterprises need as they migrate to faster networks, said Jay Botelho, WildPackets' director of product management.

Forty-three percent of network engineers have little or no visibility in their high-bandwidth networks, according to a recent survey WildPackets conducted among engineers. In addition, 85% deemed network forensics essential, but only 31% had the right tools to analyze their traffic.

Visibility in 10 GbE networks remains a challenge
WildPackets' new appliances
should help network engineers obtain the visibility and analytics capabilities they need, said Bojan Simic, principal analyst at Stoneham, Mass.-based TRAC Research.

"For 10 gig and beyond, visibility is a challenge, and with these appliances, WildPackets is meeting the challenge enterprises are experiencing" as they transition to 10 GbE and 40 GbE. Simic said 10 GbE continues to pick up steam in the enterprise, with half of the companies he recently polled in a research study stating they will have faster networks in operation by 2015.

That research also revealed that almost 60% of IT admins were worried about dropped packets and 51% said they were concerned by the reliability of data they receive from current monitoring platforms.

"[WildPackets] did a good job scaling the solution…. It's a game-changer because they will be better positioned for both the large enterprise and service provider space."

Analysis key feature of packet capture methodology
When using full packet capture to analyze network performance, engineers can check metrics such as transmit time, source, protocol type and destination. That level of detail makes it easier for engineers to pinpoint problems, but it also requires that users have the time and resources necessary to dig through accumulated data to identify the errant packets that may have caused the glitch.

To that end, the new appliances will lay the foundation to permit more efficient real-time analysis, Simic said. "Capturing information is one piece, but finding what you need from all the data you have is another, so real-time analytics is a very important variable." Simic expects WildPackets to increase its focus on the analytical piece of network performance monitoring in 2014.

The appliances are underpinned by a retooled operating system, OmniEngine. The high-end TL appliance, geared to data centers and network operations centers, is rated at more than 20 Gbps in a two-appliance configuration. In concert with the TL, WildPackets introduced an external storage array, OmniStorage, which can store up to 64 TB of data depending upon the RAID.

The CX and MX appliances, upgraded with significant performance improvements, are aimed at 1 GbE to 10 GbE deployments and tailored to small- and medium-sized businesses and data centers, respectively.

Beginning prices for the appliances range from $16,995 to $78,995.

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