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Overheard on Twitter: What folks have to say about the new Cisco ACI

Twitter users discuss the release of SDN fabric Cisco ACI and how it will impact Cisco's relationship with VMware and change the future of networking.

Cisco announced the release of its data center SDN technology this week, as well as the $863 million acquisition of Insieme, the company Cisco formed about a year ago to develop programmable and flexible networks. The result of Insieme's work is the Application Centric Infrastructure, which includes a new line of Nexus 9000 switches, an application-aware switching fabric, and a centralized controller that manages virtual and physical infrastructures.

There was no shortage of opinions on Twitter once the announcement was made. Some looked to the competition that could now ensue between Cisco and VMware with its NSX ecosystem. Others pointed out that although Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) will bring much-needed programmability to the network and allow engineers to control many ports from a central point, this will only happen after a considerable investment is made in new hardware and after dedicating fully to Cisco-only products.

We rounded up some of the punchiest opinions made on Twitter after the company announcement.

Cisco ACI becomes a contender in the SDN war

Plenty of Twitter users commented on how Cisco's new technology would create competition between Cisco ACI and VMware's NSX. Meanwhile, others compared Cisco's SDN approach to companies like Juniper, while some Twitter users recognized the announcement as "nothing new."

Cisco ACI could serve as an SDN game-changer

While some said Cisco ACI was not innovative enough, others said it could mean big changes for networking. Users pointed out a number of changes that could happen as a result of the new SDN fabric.

Tweeters talk Cisco ACI issues loud and clear

Of course, some Twitter users brought to light a number of issues with not only Cisco ACI, but also with the announcement of the new SDN fabric. Some questioned older versions of Cisco's core OS, while others questioned the emphasis -- or lack thereof -- on the Nexus 9000 switches during the ACI keynote.

Cisco ACI breaking new ground, providing a solid approach to SDN

Lastly, many tweeted in support of Cisco's new SDN fabric, writing that the technology is all-inclusive and is "good for everyone."

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