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Silver Peak gives admins clearer view of storage replication

Silver Peak updated its VXOA architecture with storage replication for DR, backup and data migration projects for storage managers.

Silver Peak has released Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture version 6.2, complete with a new installation wizard that will allow for faster storage replication and traffic acceleration, and new storage-specific reporting features to its Velocity Replication Acceleration software for storage managers.

A growing number of natural disasters have brought to light an issue for many storage administrators: Many organizations are only replicating data short distances to backup sites instead of to more remote data centers or cloud providers, said Everett Dolgner, director of replication product management for Santa Clara, Calif.-based Silver Peak Systems Inc.

"Recent storms -- like Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast -- have been a real wake-up call for many organizations. Many administrators hadn't been planning for a storm that affected an entire region," Dolgner said. With a new focus on disaster recovery, many storage administrators are adding a third hop to their traditional disaster recovery strategy, which has typically involved just their core data center and a local backup location. "Storage managers are moving their data further away, which has traditionally been harder to do," he said.

Software-based data acceleration tools are starting to ease the burden of data migration and disaster recovery for many organizations, Dolgner said. "We've seen pretty dramatic results for some of our customers -- dropping from days to hours for a storage replication process or data migration project," he said.

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The new deployment wizard will allow acceleration of remote replication from any storage array in six short steps, and the new storage-specific data view and reporting feature gives storage admins familiar metrics to work with -- such as how much data is replicated and the replication speed.

The combined Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) and Velocity Replication Acceleration (VRX) software will help storage managers move data for disaster recovery purposes and meet their recovery point objectives by giving administrators a view of their environment that they've historically been missing, Dolgner said.

The traditional "network view" -- or traditional Silver Peak dashboard -- limited storage managers to a 60-minute or day-long view of bandwidth usage. The new data view, or storage view, reports megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes, and gives per-hour, 24-hour and ten-day snapshots of the storage replication environment. "The goal is to make the view line up with what administrators see in their storage arrays," he said.

VXOA 6.2 is vendor-agnostic and can work with any storage product or public cloud environment that uses VMware, Citrix, Microsoft or Linux hypervisors, Dolgner said. The software can also be downloaded directly from Amazon's marketplace for Amazon Web Services users. "Running [replication acceleration] on software really gives users the flexibility to run it where -- and when -- they need it, and it fits into any environment," he said.

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