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SDN blog roundup: Using OpenFlow for network load balancing

SDN bloggers discuss OpenDaylight's new SDN architecture Hydrogen; if OpenContrail will compete with OpenDaylight; and network load balancing.

Are APIs really the 'secret sauce' to networking and programmability?

SDN and the concept of programmability are trending like crazy, and with that has come a new obsession with application programming interfaces (APIs) -- or the ability to customize network devices and functions with your own software. PacketQueue's Teren Bryson explained the basics of network APIs and the excitement of customizable networks. But he also highlighted the challenges of network programmability, reporting that sometimes vendors just build it right and there is no need to go the open API route. Network engineers must ultimately decide when they will really benefit from using open APIs for network programmability and customization.

Take a look at Bryson's full post examining the benefits and misconceptions of APIs.

OpenFlow and intelligent network load balancing

In part two of his look at how OpenFlow could commoditize hardware, Jason Edelman discusses using OpenFlow controllers with black boxes to create intelligent network load balancing that might even be able to take the place of the some of the commercial solutions sold today.

By using OpenFlow SDN, Edelman suggested network pros can better define how and where traffic is sent, optimizing existing network infrastructure without ever disturbing its current configuration. Edelman included several slides that illustrate the possibility of OpenFlow and intelligent load balancing.

Read Edelman's thoughts on how OpenFlow could have an impact on hardware and intelligent network load balancing.

Will OpenContrail and OpenDaylight compete against each other?

Juniper's new OpenContrail effort has many thinking there will be problems for OpenDaylight. But SDNCentral's Craig Matsumoto said that although both projects focus on open source SDN, OpenContrail is focusing specifically on network virtualization and network functions virtualization, while OpenDaylight addresses multiple SDN issues at once. As a result, neither Juniper nor the OpenDaylight folks see either project competing with one another. However, Matsumoto said Juniper is expecting more open source movements that share competing ideas or projects.

Take a peek at the full breakdown of why OpenContrail and OpenDaylight could have been viewed as competing projects, but aren't.

2003 networking predictions, 10 years later

In a look back to a blog post published on SearchNetworking 10 years ago, Ethereal Mind's Greg Ferro explores just how accurate his 2003 predictions were for networking. In 2002, Ferro penned the post for the site and explored ideas for the year ahead, including the future of wireless networking, Hewlett-Packard's and Dell's changing business models, and how mediocre Microsoft will remain.

Check out all of Ferro's 2003 networking predictions and his take on just how accurate they were.

OpenDaylight announces release of SDN architecture Hydrogen

OpenDaylight recently announced the release of Hydrogen, an SDN architecture that includes both new and legacy protocols, like the Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol and OpenFlow 1.3, wrote Silicon Angle's Mellisa Tolentino. The architecture also has multiple methods for network virtualization and applications that aid in policy management and security. According to David Meyer, committee chair at OpenDaylight, the consortium is working toward making the project a core component of any SDN architecture, and is currently working on an efficient application API that can be used over a broad collection of network devices.

Check out the full post that highlights details of OpenDaylight's Hydrogen announcement.

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