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Networking blogs: The enterprise security model transition

In this week's blog roundup, learn how "death by a thousand cuts" will spark a transition phase within the enterprise security model.

Enterprise security: Change is on the horizon, but how?

Enterprise security has been far from the poster child for technological excellence over the past few years -- needing major revamps in areas like security analytics, integration, intelligence and more. Enterprise Strategy Group senior principal analyst Jon Oltsik believes that the enterprise security model continues to lose ground via "death by a thousand cuts," from various factors that continue to thwart enterprises from keeping up with modern threats. While a security services strategy might help some organization in their quest to bolster their capabilities, at the end, Oltsik writes, a smarter work ethic, not necessarily a harder one, is what may be the remedy for this seemingly bleak situation.

Read why Oltsik believes enterprise security is losing ground.

Moving from an SMB to enterprise: Is it really so scary?

As a network engineer, making the jump from a small and medium-sized business (SMB) to a larger enterprise can be scary. Questioning your skills when it comes to technology, troubleshooting and strategic thinking is a normal occurrence when considering such a switch, writes Eyvonne Sharp. Sharp, who is currently a senior network engineer for a large healthcare organization, had all of these concerns racing through her head when she decided to take on a new role in a much larger enterprise -- but admits that some of her worries were unfounded.

Sharp has some advice on how to make such a career move and shares her thoughts on how different the worlds of SMBs and large enterprises really are (or aren't).

SPAN ports: What to do, and what not to do

SPAN (switch port analyzer) ports are usually used for network appliances and software applications that need network traffic monitoring. SPAN ports can be useful, but are also troublesome if misused. Overloading SPAN ports with data and mixing up source and destinations during the configuration process are common mistakes. If you are careful, however, SPAN ports can be a great tool. In this blog post, Darragh Delaney, director of technical services at NetFort Technologies in Galway, Ireland, offers advice aimed at helping you take advantage of SPAN port benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

Read the full list of Delaney's helpful tips to guide you through your use of SPAN ports.

How the cloud impacts data protection tactics

When new technologies emerge, it seems that old problems resurface as well. In the world of cloud computing, for example, concerns have grown about data protection—definitely an old-school topic. Offerings like VMware's vSphere Data Protection (VDP) and vSphere API for Data Protection (VADP) make the backup and restoration of virtual machines possible. Other companies are now offering hardware-independent storage virtualization solutions for storage provisioning. In this blog post, Torsten Volk, research director for server virtualization at Enterprise Management Associates, weighs in with his thoughts about data protection in the age of the cloud.

Read more about Volk's suggestions.


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