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SDN Blog roundup: Network virtualization security, underlays

This week, SDN bloggers discuss network virtualization security and underlays in data center networks.

Applying the Security Onion IDS to virtual networks

The Forwarding Plane's Nick Buraglio takes a look at network virtualization security and using the Security Onion, an intrusion detection and network monitoring tool, on virtualized network platforms.

Buraglio's home network is completely virtualized except for one NAS and a gigabit switch. Yet Buraglio was able to tap into the virtualized switches with Security Onion within 15 minutes, giving him full monitoring view of all configuration and network properties, as well as VLANs and security. Eventually, using Security Onion, Buraglio was able to create a secured network-in-a-box.

Read more about Buraglio's experimentation with the Security Onion in a virtualized network.

Big Data combining forces with SDN?

That's a strong possibility, writes Plexxi's Mike Bushong on the company blog. Programming things centrally is great, but in order to do so, there needs to be information for the controller to make the right decision -- enter analytics, or big data.

Bushong writes that although most people are currently concerned with programming discreet forwarding elements in a network, more focus should be placed on how to handle external inputs to drive these changes.

Check out Bushong's full breakdown on why the merging of SDN and big data is inevitable.

What's going on with Big Switch?

Jason Edelman attempts to answer the question on everyone's mind this week on his blog. Twitter has been buzzing lately about what will happen to Big Switch in light of the launch of the Open Daylight project. Edelman makes clear though that no one can know for sure how the controller market will be impacted until the OpenDaylight drop date.

Read Edelman's full analysis on how the Open Daylight project could end up impacting Big Switch.

Unified communications and SDN come together

VP and Service Director at Nemertes Research Irwin Lazar explores the role that SDN is playing in unified communications on No Jitter. To put it simply, he writes, SDN offers the potential to implement dynamic provisioning of network resources to support the needs of real-time applications.

Lazar offers a few examples of how UC vendors are using SDN, including Microsoft's partnership with Aruba to enable Aruba Wi-Fi access points to detect Lync traffic and adjust Quality of Service (QoS) parameters accordingly. He concludes that the UC industry has come a long way from its policy-based networking framework from 10 years ago, and leaders should spend time to explore SDN and see how it could solve increasing bandwidth and QoS provisioning challenges.

Review Lazar's full post on how SDN will intersect with unified communications.

Putting the spotlight on underlays

On his Define the Cloud blog, Joe Onisick, technical marketing engineer at Insieme Networks, takes a look at how underlays are coming into play in the changing data center network. He explains the difference between network virtualization and server virtualization, and then he describes how underlays play an extremely important role in network programmability, automation and flexibility.

Onisick writes that network virtualization doesn't have the ability to abstract the constructs of VLAN, subnet, security, logging and QoS, from one another, and that to truly move the network forward, you need to include the physical network with the software that will drive it.

Read Onisick's full post on the importance of underlays in driving network data center change.

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