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Overheard on Twitter: SDN security; network functions virtualization

SearchSDN explored Twitter and saw users discussing SDN security, network functions virtualization and network virtualization, and SDN use cases.

Each week, SearchSDN takes to Twitter to see what users -- including experts, analysts and editors -- are saying about software-defined networking. By using Storify and searching hashtags, keywords and tweetups, we scour the social media site to see what users have to say about SDN, OpenFlow, network virtualization and more. This week we looked to Twitter and got an earful from tweeters about SDN's role in network security, network virtualization versus network functions virtualization, and SDN's ROI.

SDN and its role in network security

This past week, Cisco had a lot to say about using SDN in network security strategies on its Cisco Secure Data Solution Twitter account.

SDN ready to offer ROI?

Jim Metzler, who spoke on SDN at this year's Interop, started an interesting mini conversation, which lead Anthony Rocca, data center converged infrastructure lead at Cisco, to comment on whether SDN is a cost-effective option in the data center. Peter Panagopoulos, B/OSS pre-sales architect, also brought up an interesting question focusing on cyber-physical systems and SDN.

Can we really peg what SDN is and what it should be used for?

A series of tweets by SDN industry favorites explored some interesting points this week. Brocade Senior Product Marketing Manager Lisa Caywood insisted time shouldn't be spent on defining what SDN is per se, and professionals should instead be looking at what SDN can do for them. Meanwhile, other tweeters offered up examples of how SDN could be used, and what it isn't.

Network virtualization continues to spark debate

We also saw mention this week of network virtualization and, once again, what it entails. Tweeters argued what network virtualization is versus SDN, whether or not it can result in fewer ports, and the difference between network virtualization and network functions virtualization.

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