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SDN blog roundup: Campus networks and SDN; SDN network venture grows

This week, SDN bloggers took a look at SDN and campus networks, and how SDN venture capitalist investments are growing.

Big Switch to Cisco: Make up your mind on SDN!

On the Big Switch Networks' company blog, Vice President of Marketing Jason Matlof took a shot at Cisco for being contradictory on its public statements regarding SDN.

Matlof pointed to a Cisco You Tube video, in which an Insieme senior executive called the legacy "box-by-box" approach broken because the network control plane is "totally detached from application provisioning … and data center orchestration." He said the fix is in a centralized control plane that simplifies the network and makes it application-driven.

However, then Matlof pointed to another Cisco blog where an executive said SDN can't meet the needs of applications because it "mimics the old model of networking." Matlof ended his post by questioning whether Cisco is attempting to co-opt the SDN initiative for its "parochial interests" and he urged readers to question whether they should trust Cisco's intentions.

Read Matlof's full account of the Cisco video and blog post, as well as his thoughts on if Cisco's interest in SDN can be trusted.

Network virtualization as vaporware?

After penning a post for TechTarget's SearchNetworking that questioned the actual value of network virtualization, networking and virtualization expert Keith Townsend took to his own blog to write a follow-up piece explaining that he is well aware of the progress made in network virtualization, but he was purposely aiming to spur conversation. Townsend's real question is: When will physical and virtual worlds actually merge? He'd like to see a world where network hypervisors manage both physical and virtual ports. This merged world is difficult to achieve, but he predicted that if anyone can do it, it'll be VMware.

On the VMware Network Virtualization blog, Roger Fortier also referenced Townsend's post on SearchNetworking, writing that it's clear network virtualization is being deployed in product networks to create business opportunities and solve infrastructure challenges. Fortier listed a number of companies that have done so, including WorldPay and ViaWest. He also noted Townsend's follow-up post, and said he's glad the industry as a whole is seeing potential for network virtualization, and specifically, VMWare's NSX network virtualization platform.

Check out Townsend's full response to his original network virtualization/vaporware post, and Fortier's response detailing examples of network virtualization in the real world.

Venture capitalist SDN investments continue to grow

A recent post on CB Insights confirmed that venture capitalists are increasingly banking on SDN and investing money in a number of startup companies. From Q3'12 to Q2'12, SDN companies raised about $416 million within 35 deals, with growth over the past two years jumping 75%. According to CB Insights, this funding increase has been spurred by a number of acquisitions, like VMware and Nicira Networks, and Juniper and Contrail Systems. The post includes a chart illustrating the growth the SDN market has seen within the past two years.

Read CB Insights' full post detailing the growth in SDN network company investments.

SDN lends a hand to Carmesh

Carmesh, an EU FP7 Industry Academia Pathways and Partnership project focusing on automotive services via mesh networks in urban environments, recently broke down SDN, OpenFlow, and how the two are impacting network routing on the company's blog. The post includes the basics of SDN and OpenFlow, but also outlines how OpenFlow can be used within the project.

Specifically, OpenFlow is used to deploy a mesh infrastructure that's able to deliver various automotive applications that need access to external digital services. In addition, OpenFlow can help prioritize sensitive traffic, aid in load balancing, and help with location-based services.

Check out Carmesh's full post detailing how OpenFlow and SDN are helping with automotive services.

Examples of SDN on campus networks

SDNCentral's Suresh Katukam looked at six campus network SDN use cases in a recent post on the site. He said campus networking use cases have been absent from the SDN discussion. Katukam also detailed the changes campus and branch networks are facing, and how SDN comes into play.

Katukam outlined use cases like network virtualization, application-aware routing and bring your own device as just a few examples of how SDN has made its way into campus networks. The full potential of SDN in campus and branch networks, though, is far beyond the cases he outlined.

Read Katukum's full post on why SDN is coming into play within campus networks and how it's making a difference.

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