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Overheard on Twitter: Are SDN, network virtualization equal?

SearchSDN explored Twitter this week and saw users discussing if SDN and network virtualization are equal, and the impact of SDN on hardware.

Each week, SearchSDN takes to Twitter to see what users, experts, analysts and editors are saying about SDN. By using Storify and searching hashtags, keywords and tweetups, we scour the social media site to see what users have to say about SDN, OpenFlow, network virtualization and more. This week, we looked to Twitter and got an earful from tweeters about the impact of SDN on hardware, the state of SDN and network virtualization.

SDN, the cloud and hardware

As the Cloud Expo continues, we continue to see SDN discussion on Twitter on how SDN is impacting hardware. In his recaps of the event, Tweeter Faisal Hanif documents what he heard regarding cloud and SDN, and how the two technologies are altering the networking industry.

SDN a disruptive technology?

In his tweet, user Paul Gainham predicts SDN will be a major disruptive force in both service provider and enterprise networks, tearing down the siloes in IT.

Is SDN equal to network virtualization? Industry heavyweights still say, 'No'

Brent Salisbury, @networkstatic, said on Twitter that equating network virtualization with SDN is a "broke statement." VMWare's Martin Casado, who has openly commented on this issue before, chimed in on the conversation, as did Joe Onisick.

The future of network virtualization

This week, the 2013 VMware Academic Research Symposium took place, and William Lam, staff product integration architect at VMWare, took to Twitter to offer insight into the symposium's discussions, especially related to the use of network virtualization. Included in his tweets are interesting tidbits about the role of the virtual switch and the controller cluster as the "heart" of a network virtualization platform.

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