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Lyatiss offers free cloud network management tool for AWS

Lyatiss CloudWeaver Discovery is a free cloud network management tool that builds a real-time topology map of resources on Amazon IaaS.

Cloud network management and orchestration vendor Lyatiss is offering a free tool that discovers and maps IaaS resources that an enterprise has in Amazon Web Services.

CloudWeaver Discovery is the first product available from Lyatiss's suite of CloudWeaver tools, which will include analysis and orchestration modules in future releases.

"There's always been a concern about Amazon sprawl," said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "Instead of going to the finance department to figure out who's got instances up on Amazon, with this you are able to take a more holistic and corporate-wide view and understand who's using it and how they are using it."

CloudWeaver Discovery finds Amazon resources and provides a topology map for IT administrators. The Web-based product delivers real-time, graphical flow maps and reports for virtual machines and network services such as load balancers. The tool shows how different resources are interconnected and how they are organized into regions and availability zones.

"It's a logical rather than physical view," Laliberte said. "This is about topology mapping and reporting, rather than performance. It allows them to go out and take a look at what they have and then think about how they can rein in that sprawl."

Ultimately Mountain View, Cali.-based Lyatiss intends to deliver a suite of CloudWeaver tools that enable application-defined networking, said company CEO Pascale Vicat-Blanc.

"We designed this product to discover, capture, footprint and encode [cloud resources] so that [enterprises] can reuse this in order to orchestrate and have the network answer to the needs of applications," she said.

Future commercial products will include an analysis tool that can measure latency and throughput, analyze usage and detect bottlenecks. There will also be a CloudWeaver orchestration tool that allows administrators to modify nodes, manage network services and apply network resources. For instance, the tool will allow administrators to integrate an external router into a cloud infrastructure.

"Our target here is to integrate bandwidth-on-demand services when provided to users in an inter-cloud scenario," Vicat-Blanc said.

Laliberte said CloudWeaver Discovery is a step toward enabling hybrid cloud.

"There are still just a small percentage of organizations that are deploying hybrid clouds, but that will continue to grow," he said. "The ability to have visibility into public and private cloud infrastructure will be helpful with that."

Vicat-Blanc said many enterprises want to be able to deploy front-end resources in the cloud while keeping data on-premises, which makes vital tools that can discover, analyze and orchestrate public cloud resources.

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