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Compuware beefs up its application performance management software

Compuware has added infrastructure monitoring to its suite of software for managing application performance.

Compuware Corp. is beefing up its application performance management software with a new product designed to measure how infrastructure conditions affect business applications.

PureStack Technology, available this month, is built on the vendor's existing dynaTrace PurePath Technology foundation. PurePath tracks timing and code-level context for all transactions; PureStack monitors and collects system and infrastructure information along the stack, encompassing the hypervisor, operating system, storage, CPU and other components, said Kieran Taylor, Compuware's director of application performance software marketing.

If you look at the problem of managing applications, if you don't monitor everything, then you can't monitor anything.

Jean-Pierre Garbani,
vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research

"There is a cavalcade of monitoring tools, and what we are hearing from administrators is that they want one pane of glass to view all of their networks' performance and health metrics," Taylor said.

Transactions monitored in real time

PureStack monitors individual transactions in real time, Taylor said. Via embedded smart agents, the software determines how infrastructure conditions either aid or inhibit the performance of a transaction as it occurs. In essence, he said, PureStack beams a spotlight throughout a customer's network's infrastructure, allowing IT administrators to pinpoint the cause of application performance problems.

That's a benefit for network administrators migrating to virtualized or cloud environments, where application performance visibility is far from assured.

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Jean-Pierre Garbani said PureStack can reveal issues that bedevil IT managers searching for culprits that inhibit application performance.

"If you look at the problem of managing applications, if you don't monitor everything, then you can't monitor anything," Garbani said. "Everyone is focused on the application and code itself, but if the server doesn't work, or if the server is saturated, or if someone has started a job not expected on that machine, or if someone is taking resources and then your app doesn't work," then finding a solution to application performance problems is more complicated. "Everything we find should go back to development or architecture. Did we do the correct test? Did we have the correct deployment? Did we architect the app the right way? [PureStack] will help IT administrators identify where the problem is," he said.

PureStack also could play a key role in network lifecycle management, enabling managers to determine where a particular process might be broken or not operating up to specs, Garbani said.

PureStack supports all major operating systems and hypervisors, as well as the Amazon and Windows Azure public clouds.

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