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Array expands line of application delivery controllers

Array Networks expanded its line of ADCs as it targets larger companies and service providers.

Array Networks Inc. has expanded its line of application delivery controllers with products aimed at serving larger enterprises and service providers.

The vendor rolled out four appliances: the mid-level APV 2600 and 5600, as well as the higher-end 10600 and 10650 models. Throughput ranges from 10 Gbps on the 2600 to 120 Gbps on the 10650. Each appliance supports 10 GbE interfaces, multicore processing and 2048-bit SSL acceleration, said Paul Andersen, Array's senior marketing manager.

"We're making it clear to our customers that we have the features and capabilities" that large enterprises need, Andersen said, adding that Array engineered the appliances to be less expensive and more fully featured than comparable devices from F5 Networks. "The midmarket is where we believe customers don't need everything than an F5 might have, but they were overpaying out of necessity because there was no alternative. Now there is."

The top-of-the-line 106500, for example, can handle more than twice as many Layer 4 and Layer 7 connections per second as F5's Big IP 10200v platform -- for a price that's 17% less than what F5 charges, Andersen said.

The new appliances, available now, come with the upgraded Version 8.4 of Array's management system that includes support for IPv6, custom scripting and cloud distribution. Array will add OpenStack and 40 GbE support for the appliances later this year, in addition to a Web application firewall, Andersen said.

Array's target customers include gaming and social media providers, along with businesses using enterprise apps from such vendors as Microsoft and SAP. "Anything e-commerce-related is another area that continues to grow," Andersen said.

In addition to Array's strategy of targeting an expanded market, the new ADC devices reflect the effect that software-defined networking and cloud computing are having on Layer 4 to 7 services, said Lee Doyle, principal analyst at Wellesley, Mass.-based Doyle Research.

"The Layer 4 to 7 market is interesting. It's tough for new players to break in, but Array has interesting products to target underserved segments -- medium-sized businesses rather than larger ones -- so I think there is room there," Doyle said. "It's not doing anything that an F5 can't do, but they are doing it much less expensively and for markets less served."

Pricing for the appliances ranges from $20,995 for the APV 2600 to $99,995 for the APV 10650.

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