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SDN blog roundup: SDN market growth; overlay vs. switch-based models

In this week's SDN blog roundup, bloggers discuss SDN market growth, enterprise adoption and overlay vs. switch-based models.

April was a defining month for SDN

On his NetworkStatic blog, network architect Brent Salisbury posted a roundup detailing the exciting list of SDN-related activities that took place in April, even attaching a recording of the OpenDaylight Q&A that took place at the Open Networking Summit. Salisbury also included recordings from a recent Internet2 meeting in Washington D.C., where vendors Juniper, Cisco and Brocade discussed their current SDN strategies.

View Salisbury's full roundup ofSDN events from the month of April and listen to the recordings.

SDN and its value to the enterprise

On SDNCentral, Markus Nispel, Enterasys vice chief technology strategist, explained how use of SDN will extend outside the data center and beyond what many service providers have intended to use it for. Nispel wrote that the main benefits of SDN are its OpEx savings and its ability to make the network more programmable.

Once the network is programmable, it will enable network customization and improve efficiency and overall IT agility. Nispel added that what SDN is "really about" is providing a programmatic interface in the network fabric that allows network administrators or other IT teams to provision new services "on the fly," automate tasks and orchestrate across different systems. He concluded his post by writing that SDN should address practical needs and create a dynamic infrastructure that's aimed at the deployment of new services through common application programming interfaces.

Read Nispel's full post on SDN's benefits to the enterprise.

SDN market value to swell by 2018

On the Plexxi site, blogger Mike Bushong wrote up the results of an SDN market survey conducted by Plexxi, SDNCentral and venture capitalist firm Lightspeed Ventures, which concluded that SDN will have a larger impact on the community in less time than originally thought. Specifically, the market could reach $35 billion by 2018.

Bushong broke down the findings into three points, noting: the SDN market is growing faster than expected; there are many more SDN vendors than he previously realized; and the amount of venture capital dollars flowing is massive.

Read Bushong's full post on SDN's expected market value in 2018.

In SDN, overlay vs. switch-based models

On the F5 DevCentral site, blogger Lori MacVittie described fragmentation in the current SDN model. While the ONF tends to focus on the "original" switch-based model, MacVittie wrote, offerings that use an overlay model are gaining traction.

MacVittie added that this overlay model is non-disruptive and lives on top of an existing L3 IP fabric using tunnelling. She listed a number of solutions that are meant to minimize disruption while enabling a physically agnostic network topology, which, she said, is better for cloud and agile infrastructure. Neither model is perfect, she said, but the notion remains that SDN is meant to solve "real problems" around network rigidity and reliance on fixed IP network strategies.

Read more of MacVittie's arguments for SDN overlay models.

Mainstream SDN adoption poised for mid-2014

On the EtheralMind site, blogger Greg Ferro recapped a short presentation he did at Cloud Camp London.

In his post, Ferro explained that SDN adoption may not come to fruition until the middle of 2014. Vendors say they are delivering these solutions to customers today, but most offer "monofunctional systems" that have little relevance outside of the companies they're catering to.

Listen to Ferro's full presentation at Cloud Camp, London.

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