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Overheard on Twitter: SDN network provisioning, bandwidth calendaring

This week, SearchSDN hosted its first tweetup and discussed ONS 2013 topics like network provisioning, bandwidth calendaring and SDN use cases.

Each week, @SearchSDN explores Twitter to see what users are saying about software-defined networking, network virtualization, OpenFlow standards and more. This week SearchSDN, hosted its first ever tweetup. SDN analysts, bloggers, experts and SearchSDN editors weighed in on SDN use cases, such as automated network provisioning and bandwidth calendaring. Participants also debated the basics of SDN architecture and the dreaded "SDN washing." Here's a roundup of the questions posed by SearchSDN and tweets from the lively conversation.

Question 1: Is a network architecture truly SDN if it doesn't include separation of the data and control planes? Why or why not?

Question 2: There's been a lot of talk about moving OpenFlow from testing to production. Is OpenFlow SDN ready to scale?

Question 3: Do you have examples of SDN washing? What can be done to limit the hype and focus on the technology?

SDN use cases

In response to our last question, another conversation was started centered on SDN use cases.


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