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Networking blogs: Network visibility, installing Grizzly with DevStack

In this week's roundup, bloggers explain how to install Grizzly with DevStack and explore the question of visibility in the virtualized network.

Approaching Grizzly installation with DevStack

OpenStack's seventh release came out of the woods this week at the foundation's annual summit, and NetworkStatic's Brent Salisbury offers a step-by-step breakdown on installing Grizzly using DevStack. The process isn't too difficult, he says, and while the install DevStack performs won't stick through reboots, DevStack is a "handy tool" for developers and OpenStack newbies alike. New features in the release emphasize multi-tier application scale and availability, and include plug-ins from 10 vendors for highly available block storage.

Follow Salisbury's steps for using DevStack to install Grizzly.

U.S. storage trends mirror Europe's

When it comes to storage market trends, there isn't much setting U.S. organizations apart from their counterparts in Western Europe. A report from Enterprise Strategy Group shows about the same percentage of survey respondents on both sides of the Atlantic expect their storage budgets to grow in 2013, and around the same percentage cite hardware and software as their costliest consideration. Total-cost-of-ownership reports diverge a bit from there, though: A higher percentage of European respondents said cooling and power costs dominate their TCO calculations.

Read more from ESG Senior Analyst Mark Peters on the data growth trends in Western Europe and the U.S.

Using Wireshark for troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues

The packets don't lie, says network performance specialist Tony Fortunato in his latest LoveMyTool post on wireless analysis. After using an AirMagnet Wi-Fi analyzer to help a customer resolve issues with its Wi-Fi and WLAN controller and turning up no explanations, Fortunato looked to the network protocol analyzer Wireshark to dig into the cause of the glitches at the packet level. A bit of focused searching put him on the trail of a customer in the building whose freshly installed Aruba system needed its service set identifier and access points added to the "friendly list."

Watch Fortunato's video guide to troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues with Wireshark.

Taking a look at network visibility

Once network services are decoupled from the underlying physical network, how much visibility should there be into virtual networks and virtual servers? Jason Edelman explores the question in a thorough response to a Network Heresy post on how networks should interact with applications. There's no single solution, Edelman says, since views of the network vary among different types of customers with different requirements. The degree to which users -- particularly in the enterprise -- want to maintain end-to-end visibility is difficult to predict. Also slippery is the subject of which types and what number of organizations will be able to overlook the capacity for troubleshooting individual flows in the physical network.

Check out Edelman's write-up on the future of visibility in the network for possible solutions to this evolving issue.

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