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SDN blog roundup: SDN use cases, OpenFlow standards and Embrane

SDN bloggers discuss a Cisco-Embrane partnership, early SDN use cases -- including the WAN -- and why ONF OpenFlow standards are necessary for SDN.

Why Cisco should buy virtual networking company Embrane

A number of factors are preventing Cisco from deploying virtual networking services, but according to blogger Jason Edelman, Embrane -- which focuses on the virtual networking L3-L7 space -- can help change that.

According to Edelman, Embrane's offerings include those that deploy software solutions, leveraging a distributed scale-out appliance architecture. By purchasing Embrane, Cisco can become more relevant in the virtual networking and software-defined networking (SDN) space, Edelman argued. The partnership may seem small to Cisco, but could provide benefits for the network industry as a whole by bumping it up from mid-market to service provider.

Check out Edelman’s list of additional benefits if Cisco were to buy Embrane.

ONF chimes in on northbound API standardization

There have been talks of Dell's partnership with the Object Management Group (OMG) to create an SDN standards body. In a recent blog post, Dan Pitt, executive director at the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), explained the foundation’s position, saying the ONF believes it's already standardizing the parts of SDN that need it.

Pitt explained that there is currently "no one right answer" for the northbound API, and that attempting to standardize it now would suppress novelty within the market. The market needs to work out requirements, he said, before implementing standards, and if it eventually does so, the standards would and should stem from experience.

Read more of Pitt's thoughts on talk of standardizing the northbound API.

Early applications of SDN in the WAN

Verizon execs are seeing potential early applications of SDN in the WAN that will allow the technology to create service-aware networks and, more specifically, a use case like service chaining, wrote Pamela Dodge, senior product marketing manager, in a recent Brocade blog post.

Dodge explained how in a Youtube video, Verizon Chief Technologist Stu Elby said SDN can be a mechanism to provide service-aware routing, and by doing so, packets can move through the network more efficiently.

Read more about how Verizon and Brocade envision SDN and OpenFlow acting as an overlay network, and the benefits this could provide within the WAN.

Change is coming for the network

On his SIWDT blog, entrepreneur and systems engineer W.R. Koss recently took a look at change within the network due to new technology advances like overlays, OpenFlow and SDN. A recent conversation on Twitter sparked his post, which outlines five steps in which Koss believes this change will occur.

Koss argued that circumstances such as a financial crisis, a transferring of network leader alliance to next generation solutions, and a challenging of the status quo are all needed to move the world of networking from switched networks to the "next big design leap," whatever that may be.

Check out more of Koss' thinking behind the evolution of the network, and what's to come with the advent of SDN.

How SDN can aid in firewall migration

On the Ethereal Mind blog, Greg Ferro recently outlined how a possible use case for software-defined networking could help with the firewall migration challenge.

Although vendors argue there's no need for OpenFlow and SDN, Ferro wrote that firewalls and SDN are all about flows, and with a little imagination, SDN can help reduce risks and technical challenges that come with replacing firewalls.

See how Ferro breaks down a use case for SDN in firewall migration.

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