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Networking blogs: Better BYOD policies, Aerohive updates HiveManager

In this networking blog roundup, learn why better BYOD policies are user-oriented, and find out what the HiveManager update means for WLAN security.

Aerohive update innovates WLAN security

Aerohive's new switch line promises advanced access switching with cloud-enabled management, on-demand provisioning and secure branch routing, but it's the company's new software -- upgraded versions of HiveManager and Hive OS -- that have Wi-Fi Kiwi's Chris Lyttle buzzing. The increased application visibility and control provided in the update tackle the problems of differentiating devices on the network and determining what those devices are doing. With the explosion of bring your own device (BYOD), these capabilities herald innovative leaps in application security, the Kiwi argues.

Check out Lyttle's post to read about Aerohive's take on deep packet inspection and what the Hive upgrade means for wireless security.

Strategies for making the most of vendor meetings

To get the most out of vendor presentations, it's important to be prepared ahead of time and stay focused on your specific needs. Packet Pushers blogger John Harrington laid out the scope of what to expect in a typical vendor meeting, offering tips on how to ask probing questions and see through the sales jargon. Looking to purchase a layer 3 switch or router? This guide provides more than a dozen points to consider when asking about hardware and software features.

See Harrington's post on how to take advantage of vendor presentations and his follow-up guide to asking vendors the tough questions.

Tips for auditing a virtual infrastructure

In the dynamic virtual environment it's not always easy to stay on top of potential security gaps. Hiring an outside company to perform an audit before the government takes a look at your systems will give you a chance to make any necessary changes before the real examination. Mike Brown went through the process while working at a bank and blogged about the details of the experience, including a full run-down of all the information requested about the security configuration.

Read Brown's blog post to get an idea of what to expect from a virtual infrastructure audit.

Networking community rallies for a forum

The networking community is looking to get a nod from the collection of question and answer forums known as Stack Exchange. Jeremy Stretch proposed the creation of a dedicated networking page last week, garnering support on Twitter and his PacketLife blog to move the page to the commitment stage. An earlier attempt to create a Stack Exchange networking forum floundered in its early phases, but Stretch and more than 160 backers of the effort seem optimistic.

Head over to to see Stretch's explanation of the Stack Exchange project.

The BYOD policies dilemma: Dessert or disaster?

The wave of security concerns accompanying the rise of BYOD has popularized the lock-down of endpoints -- a solution that safeguards data against compromised devices, but fails to consider the habits of the users. Recognizing ways to secure information at both ends will be the decisive factor in determining if BYOD is closer to a "dessert or disaster," according to A Screw's Loose blogger Brian Katz. Considering, how to secure devices and what apps are permissible should fall second to policies that take users' habits into account.

Read Katz's opinion on how to approach BYOD security concerns.

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