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SDN blog roundup: OpenFlow standards, flow tables and SDN skills

In this week's SDN blog roundup, bloggers discuss the significance of SDN skills and debate the ONF OpenFlow standards process.

ONF may slow the OpenFlow standardization process

Many have expressed concerns that the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has moved too quickly in releasing updated versions of the OpenFlow standard. But those concerns may now be put to rest.

On the Packet Pushers blog this week, Bill Owens reported that the ONF will now require that code be implemented and working before updated standards can be finalized. Owens explored how a slower standardization process could benefit the OpenFlow community.

Read Owens' thoughts on what's next for OpenFlow and open source.

SDN skills are key, but so are virtualization, programming, Linux

SDN may be the focus of lots of hype, but network pros will have to pick up skills in virtualization, programming and Linux as well to keep up with the changing nature of networking, wrote blogger Jason Edelman.While gaining expertise in each area is difficult, Edelman noted that they will all work together in the future.

Check out Edelman's post on preparing for the future of IT and networking.

Hybrid clouds mean seamless orchestration across clouds

A true hybrid cloud will require seamless orchestration across clouds and data centers, wrote Greg Ness in his Archimedius blog this week. This "collection of data centers and clouds running as a single instance" should be referred to as "cloud virtualization," Ness said.

Visit Ness' post to read his arguments on how hybrid cloud is a form of cloud virtualization.

OpenFlow controllers: Proactive vs. reactive flow tables

On his IP Space blog, Ivan Pepelnjak looked at the difference in using proactive versus reactive flow tables with an OpenFlow controller. Specifically, Pepelnjak argued the obvious need for the reactive approach, especially in certain circumstances.

Read Pepelnjak's explanation on the differences between proactive and reactive flow tables with OpenFlow controllers.

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