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Networking blog roundup: SDN startups to watch; Cisco CLI tips

One blogger In this networking blog roundup lists SDN startups, another gives IOS CLI tips and one demands that Cisco improve the CCIE portal login.

SDN startups to look out for in 2013

Over at SDNCentral, marketing strategist Isabelle Guis identifies the SDN startups that will make a dent in 2013 -- and she outlines how they could each do it with differing technical strategies.

Guis interviewed 11 software-defined networking startups that range from SDN "veterans" like Big Switch Networks to stealth-mode players such as Lyatiss. While all 11 companies plan to support OpenFlow in the long run, only four currently provide backing for the protocol. Three of these -- Pica8, Plexxi and Vello -- sport their own physical switches. She also lists the venture capital firms behind these startups.

Read Guis' blog post on the 11 SDN startups to look out for in 2013.

Weighing proactive and reactive OpenFlow

On the NetworkStatic blog, network engineer Brent Salisbury urges readers to stop debating the use of OpenFlow as a de facto SDN southbound standard (that's a given) and instead argue whether they should use the protocol in reactive or proactive mode in order to best scale the environment. In reactive mode, the switch calls out to the controller for the direction in which to send packets. In proactive mode, the controller populates flow tables ahead of time.

Salisbury makes the case that the proactive mode of operation will take precedence. Find out why. Read his take on reactive vs. proactive OpenFlow.

Cisco IOS CLI pointers

Speed is a pivotal factor for network pros, but candidates for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification find themselves stumbling over the CCIE basics. On the Packet Pushers blog, college student Alex Clark runs down command-line interface (CLI) commands that every network admin should have at the ready.

Check out Alex' IOS CLI tips.

Accessing the CCIE portal is a test in itself -- one of patience

The throes of CCIE certification are nothing network engineers haven't come to expect. But as blogger Tom Hollingsworth railed in a recent post, accessing the online Cisco login is a gratuitous headache. To retrieve score reports, CCIE logos or schedule a lab exam, candidates must enter their written exam track, date and score in addition to their ID -- even professionals with a decade separating them from their last CCIE lab have to do this. The solution, Hollingsworth says, is easy enough: Cisco should integrate the CCIE database with the rest of its tools.

Read Hollingsworth's advice to Cisco on improving the CCIE portal.

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