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Cisco Live: Cisco virtual cloud router enables cloud bursting

At Cisco live, Cisco introduced the Cloud Services Router for cloud bursting and hybrid cloud networking.

SAN DIEGO -- Cisco Systems introduced a new virtual router, the Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000v, at Cisco Live. The CSR allows enterprises to extend their networks into the cloud, enabling secure end-user connectivity, hybrid clouds and cloud bursting.

The idea is that placing a virtual router on a virtual server in the public cloud will make it simpler to extend the private cloud environment with all of its configuration and security settings into the public cloud.

"If acquiring cloud services from providers, customers can extend their network to the cloud and host the CSR in the cloud provider environment near their applications," said Inbar Lasser-Raab, senior director of marketing at Cisco. "If customers are using cloud bursting, they can have consistency of network and security capabilities, and a single network infrastructure in the public and private cloud."

"The technology will fit nicely with Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] environments," said Andre Kindness, principal analyst with Forrester Research. "The customers I talk to are looking for ways to partition traffic straight to a cloud environment."

A virtual router could also helps networking teams get a handle on public cloud services that other IT teams have deployed without considering the network, Kindness said. In these situations, when application performance problems arise, the cloud team has to go to the networking team and ask it for help. With the CSR 1000v, the networking team has the ability to deploy a router into that cloud environment for direct control, he said.

Performance of the CSR will depend on the underlying platform. Early testing by Cisco has demonstrated that the CSR can operate at 1 Gbps with hundreds of simultaneous VPN sessions.

Cisco launches an ecosystem of cloud networking products

Cisco announced the CSR 1000v as part of a new framework of cloud networking products and services dubbed the Cisco Cloud Connected Solution, a group of network services, routing and WAN optimization technologies aimed at expanding enterprise cloud adoption.

Other new products and services include:

  • Cisco WAAS with AppNav, a module for Cisco's WAN optimization platform that allows enterprises to allocate pools of WAAS head-end devices to specific applications. "It allows you to route the right applications to the right WAAS server. So if it's an application that has a higher priority over other applications, you can provide a greater pool of head-end WAAS services," said Lasser-Raab
  • Cisco ASR 1002-X router, a new software-upgradable edge router that scales from 5 Gbps up to 36 Gbps.
  • A series of Cloud Connector network services that can be hosted on the Cisco UCS E-series modules on the ISR G2 router. These connectors include a ScanSafe Web security connector that connects branch offices directly to Cisco's hosted Web security service and the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Services (HCS), a survivability service that can provide local unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services when cloud-based UCC go offline. 

The Cloud Connector technology is based on an open architecture, which enables cloud providers to host their own platforms on the ISR G2, according to Praveen Akkiraju, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco's services routing technology group.

"Cloud storage provider CTERA developed a connector that runs on the ISR G2 that interacts with their storage services in the cloud to understand what's happening in the network, so that we can optimize the network backup that it initiates," he said.

Baker Hughes Inc., a global oil field services firms, is running a proof of concept of WAAS AppNav in its African region where cloud performance is a challenge, according to Euan Cameron, director of global core networks, voice and security services for the company.

"We're expecting a change significantly in our ability to expand and extend WAAS delivery for our customers and how we can group WAAS capabilities to help build cloud services," Cameron said.

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