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2012 IT trends: Growth of video drives increased bandwidth needs

One of the 2012 IT trends is the growth of video in the enterprise. Video conferencing and video on demand traffic will take up precious WAN bandwidth.

Growth of video conferencing

The growth of enterprise video conferencing and video on demand will continue in 2012. Wide area network managers will need to learn how to support video traffic over the WAN. If business critical applications aren't already devouring WAN bandwidth, then any type of video will. Understanding video bandwidth requirements for the WAN, network quality and integrity will be critical for a successful video rollout.

Last -- but not least -- of the top five 2012 IT trends is IPv6.

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Eventually you will nedd a lot of bandwidth. The reason is all the embedded videos and adds that we are forced to watch when a page load from sites like Yahoo, CNN and MSN to name a few.