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Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas: Nexus and Catalyst under one roof

At Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas, Cisco said it will condense business units. That means Nexus and Catalyst switching lines will live in the same unit. Which one will get the R&D cash?

The two announcements that dominated Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas this year were the Catalyst 6500 upgrade and the addition of new Unified Computing System features, including deeper automation and management capabilities in highly virtualized environments. But in less reported news, Cisco CEO John Chambers said during his keynote address that the company would streamline operations and condense business units. As part of that, Cisco will create one overall switching and routing unit that will house both the Catalyst and Nexus switching lines. In recent years, Cisco has pushed the more expensive Nexus line hard, while many users won't let go of their Catalyst switches. If the two are now in one unit, some wonder whether Cisco will focus most of its R&D cash on furthering the Nexus line as opposed to establishing even more of a future Catalyst switches.

Listen to this Fast Packet video blog from site editor Rivka Gewirtz Little wrapping up the news from Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas.

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