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Interop 2011 Las Vegas recap: Wide area network news

Find out what happened around wide area network (WAN) technology in this Interop 2011 Las Vegas recap.

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Interop 2011 Las Vegas proved to be one of the more memorable technology conferences. Vendors have become more diverse and technologies that have been hyped up for years are now being realistically implemented. Find out what happened around wide area network (WAN) technology in this Interop 2011 Las Vegas recap.

Wide area network technology news from Interop 2011 Las Vegas

What breakthrough WAN technologies will change your company's network?
The Interop 2011 Las Vegas panel on "Breakthrough WAN technologies" sported some vendors outside of the WAN technology space—such as Meraki, which is known for its wireless technologies. In this article, find out why vendors like Vyatta, Talari Networks and Ipanema are considered pioneers in the WAN industry..

How InteropNet was able to deploy IPv6
InteropNet, the network that runs the Interop 2011 Las Vegas conference and supports 13,000 attendees, 350 vendors and 250 speakers, demonstrated how it could run IPv6. Learn more in this case study.

How to move to IPv6
At long last, John Curran, ARIN CEO and president , was through telling enterprises why they needed to move to IPv6 and instead moderated a panel, "How do we finally get to IPv6?" to help attendees understand how to practically make the IPv6 transition.

Network managers are now service providers
At Interop 2011 Las Vegas, Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby skipped subjects like switching and routing, and instead talked about using the private cloud and delivering measurable services.

Do enterprises need network testing equipment?
As enterprises venture out to use virtualization and cloud services, should they consider using network testing equipment to ensure adequate application delivery across the WAN? At Interop 2011 Las Vegas, many vendors thought so.

Wide area network vendor news from Interop 2011 Las Vegas

Vendors aim to improve SaaS performance with cloud WAN optimization
Using the cloud over the WAN makes SaaS performance suffer. WAN vendors at Interop 2011 Las Vegas pledged to improve technology to make this a non-issue.

Is the Cisco giant going down?
When the gloves came off at Interop 2011, Cisco took some hits when attendees and experts alike wondered what happened with Cisco's networking strategy. As a comeback, Cisco nabbed Juniper's QFabric architect David Yen and offered simplified Cisco branch networks in an effort to win customers.

F5 Viprion chassis gets cheaper for the masses
F5 made its Viprion chassis application delivery controllers (ADCs) more affordable at Interop 2011 Las Vegas. The Viprion allows users to run virtual instances of F5 ADCs on a single appliance, enabling multi-tenancy.

Silver Peak goes high with EMC VPLEX Geo
Understand why EMC chose Silver Peak as the WAN optimization vendor of choice to transport data cross-country for storage virtualization.

Ipanema Technologies' Cloud Ready Networks vision
WAN optimization vendor Ipanema Technologies announced its "Cloud Ready Networks vision" consisting of  new products that give enterprises the most visibility into cloud traffic enabling performance guarantees. 

Blue Coat Systems has the only IPv6 ready WAN optimization solution
Blue Coat Systems chief scientist Qing Li explained how Blue Coat can help enterprises connect to IPv6 in the video below.

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