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Yes, we can all just get along with data center network management

For data center network management, network and storage teams need to handle the same resources without coming to fisticuffs. The Cisco Data Center Network Manager makes it happen.

Can't we all just get along?

Network fabrics and super-speed switches may be the beef behind data center networks for the cloud, but as convergence takes hold, LAN and SAN teams find themselves at odds in managing the same network resources.


Cisco set out to address that issue this year with its Cisco Data Center Network Manager (nominated for a Best of Interop 2011), which unifies LAN and SAN management software into a single platform, allowing both storage and network teams to manage their respective domains through a single system while being aware of the each other's activities.


Beyond collaboration, the Cisco Data Center Network Manager offers up proactive monitoring of both SAN and LAN elements and visibility of virtual machine paths for automated troubleshooting and smoother provisioning.

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