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Interop Las Vegas 2011: Special news coverage

Keep up with the news from Interop 2011. Read about data center network design, cloud networking, virtualization, dynamic service delivery, wireless LANs, and more.

Keep up with what's happening at Interop Las Vegas 2011 in this special conference coverage. Interop takes place May 8-12, 2011 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, and our editors are there. Read all the biggest news stories, interviews, and blogs, and watch exclusive videos from one of networking's biggest annual events to find out the latest Interop news on data center network design, cloud networking and dynamic service delivery, unified communications, virtualization, wireless, and more.


Top Stories

Wading through the FCoE and data center network fabric hype

At Interop 2011, networking vendors addressed data center network fabric hype and other overly bloated marketing buzzwords like FCoE, TRILL and Shortest Path Bridging.

Vendors aim to improve SaaS performance with cloud WAN optimization

Vendors announced plans this week at Interop 2011 to beef up their cloud WAN optimization products, including a partnership between Riverbed and Akamai to tackle SaaS performance.

Interop 2011: Five hot cloud networking products for your radar

Cloud networking products dominated the discussion at Interop 2011, but most had little to do with switching architectures and more to do with network management.

Alcatel-Lucent customer shares WLAN access solution at Interop 2011

At Interop 2011, Alcatel-Lucent education customer Mark McWhinnie shares his experiences with a unique WLAN access solution utilized in Alberta, Canada.

F5 Viprion chassis gets cheaper for the masses at Interop 2011

At Interop 2011, F5 Networks unveiled a midrange F5 Viprion chassis application delivery controller and muli-tenancy capability through virtualization of its OS.

Verizon and SAP partner on cloud-based mobile enterprise applications

Verizon moved to increase its visibility to enterprises as a cloud provider by announcing a mobile enterprise applications platform and partnership with SAP at Interop 2011.

Cisco nabs Juniper QFabric architect David Yen

Juniper QFabric architect David Yen has jumped ship to head up Cisco's data center business, including the UCS and Nexus lines. The shift is a sign that the Cisco reorganization is well under way.


More News

Cisco branch networks simplified with cloud-managed WLAN and security

Get ready for simplified Cisco branch networks. At Interop 2011, Cisco announced a cloud-based WLAN controller that manages APs across hundreds of branch networks.

Private cloud vendors send mixed message

Large IT vendors have shown up at Interop to discuss "the cloud," but IT administrators are over that debate and looking for real products and services to suit their cloud needs.

Cisco CIO to network managers: You're service providers

At Interop Las Vegas 2011, Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby will bypass subjects like switching and routing, instead talking private cloud and delivering measurable services.

New HP campus core switches and architecture aim for a flat LAN

This week at Interop 2011, HP will push new campus core switches and an architecture that takes the enterprise LAN flat, but it will not announce a data center network fabric.

Interop 2011: Juniper data center fabric changes the network paradigm

At Interop Las Vegas 2011, Juniper data center chief David Yen explains the six elements of a real network fabric (and how some networking vendors offer imposters).

At Interop 2011, data center networking isn't about switching, silly

At Interop Las Vegas, data center network management that gives control of virtualization to network engineers takes center stage—even above super-speed switches.


Interop Experts Speak 

Steve Bandrowczak

Steve Bandrowczak Vice Presient of Avaya Data Solutions

Avaya data center fabric supports collaborative apps

The Avaya data center strategy aims to support collaboration and UC in the campus and branch networks—or at least that's what execs will try to prove at Interop Las Vegas 2011.

Dr. Jim Metzler

Dr. Jim Metzler Metzler, Ashton & Associates

Networking trends spur drastic change on Interop 2011 agenda

Why is Interop 2011 so critical to your career? This Q&A with conference track chair Dr. Jim Metzler explains how rapid technology change is creating new networking trends.

David Donatelli

David Donatelli Executive Vice President and General Manager of enterprise servers, storage and networking for HP

Will a new HP Networking data center strategy emerge at Interop 2011?

At Interop Las Vegas 2011, we hear of a new HP Networking data center strategy— and word of whether the company has managed to avoid product overlap from the 3Com acquisition.

Craig Mathias

Craig Mathias Principal of the Farpoint Group

Interop 2011 wireless and mobility: From tablets to gigabit WLAN

In this Q&A, Interop 2011 wireless and mobility track chair Craig Mathias offers perspective on large-scale wireless LAN deployments, the rise of tablets and gigabit WLAN.

Glenn Evans

Glenn Evans Lead Architect for Interop

InteropNet addresses unique challenges with cloud and new DNS

To address the unique challenges and demands of running the Interop network, InteropNet's lead engineer embraces a new DNS and remote cloud environment for Internet connectivity.

InteropNet blends cutting-edge technologies with network needs

In order to meet the needs of the Interop Las Vegas 2011 attendees, speakers and vendors, InteropNet must balance between practicality and the year's cutting-edge technologies.



Networking virtualization software and OpenFlow take hold

Network virtualization software was all the buzz at Interop 2011, from OpenFlow and software-defined networking to virtual network appliances for optimization.

Do enterprises need network testing equipment?

At Interop 2011, network testing equipment vendors are taking aim at enterprises. As virtualization complicates the network, do testing vendors have a point?

HP switches, architecture launch: Revolution or market ploy?

HP's new FlexNetwork architecture includes new campus switches, a data center reference architecture and expanded management capabilities. Fast Packet blogger Ivan Pepelnjak hits the high points for users.

Interop 2011 keynotes: Where's the networking beef?

Interop Las Vegas 2011 keynotes were heavy on cloud talk, but light on what counts for engineers: beefy networking news. HP and Citrix brought a little nutrition to the table.

The gloves come off at Interop 2011: Will Cisco get pummeled?

Cisco has been taking it on the chin lately, but this week’s Interop 2011 offers the company the chance to redeem its reputation with its core base of networking customers. Will it rise to the challenge, or allow its competitors to chip away at market share and customer confidence?



Netscout demo

InteropNet demo tours the Interop network operating center with InteropNet lead engineer Glenn Evans at Interop Las Vegas 2011.

Blue Coat at Interop 2011 talks to Xing Li, chief engineer of Blue Coat Systems, about how Blue Coat can help enterprises connect to IPv6.

Show chatter: Tuesday's wrap up

Shamus McGillicuddy wraps up the day's events: 40 Gigabit Ethernet takes shape and Cisco nabs Juniper's data center chief.

Ethernet Alliance Q&A talks with John D’ambrosia and Chris Calandro of the Ethernet Alliance at Interop 2011 about the underlying transformation of Ethernet in next-generation data centers.

Extreme demos BlackDiamond X8 at Interop 2011

Extreme Networks announced some new core and top-of-rack data center switches at Interop 2011 this morning. In these two short videos, Shehzad Merchant, vice president of technology at Extreme, demonstrates the BlackDiamond X8, a one-third rack core chassis with 192 wirespeed 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports or 768 10 GbE ports. Extreme is demonstrating this chassis with all 192 40 GbE ports running at full capacity on an Ixia network testing box.

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