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Enterprise IPv6 upgrades mean new service provider opportunity

In this podcast, IPv6 expert and Cisco technical leader Chip Popoviciu shares his advice on how service providers can turn an IPv6 upgrade into a new revenue opportunity. Popoviciu is co-author of the new book Global IPv6 Strategies.

As enterprises debate when and how to make the IPv6 switch, service providers have an opportunity to help guide decision making while making a profit.

In today's SearchTelecom podcast, Chip Popoviciu, a technical leader with Cisco and co-author of the book Global IPv6 Strategies, offers service providers advice on how they can overcome enterprises' common objections to an early IPv6 move. He also outlined some of the most difficult barriers to adoption.

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"One thing we have observed is that early adoption, or at least early planning, does bring value," Popoviciu said.

Service providers can sell a variety of new services while playing a critical role in helping enterprises map out IPv6 adoption, he said.

"Millions of enterprises are self-sufficient when it comes to addressing space," he said. "The problem is, and this is where service providers should take an active role, the move to IPv6 is inevitable, and migration cannot occur overnight."

Service providers can build a structure of services to plan for an IPv6 migration, including developing an addressing scheme for their organization and outlining the specific requirements that they will need to request from vendors.

"It's sometimes difficult to tell all of the costs and investments that need to be made," Popoviciu said. "Early planning helps reduce the costs of integration, and there are several areas where early planning will help an organization save on integration."

The key revenue opportunities, he said, would be not in relatively simple network upgrades but in supporting and managing applications that might not have IPv6 capability built in.

"I think professional services will definitely be a value-add," he said.

To hear more of Popoviciu's thoughts, listen to our podcast or read chapter excerpts at the book homepage,

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