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NXTcomm 2008 is about telecom advances, not breakthroughs

NXTcomm 2008 saw a lot of incremental telecom advances, as ideas years in the making start to penetrate market, explains analyst Ron Westfall in this video.

From the floor of NXTcomm 2008, Ron Westfall, research director with Current Analysis, shared his thoughts on the most important trends at the show. He explained that although there have been few splashy telecom announcements there was still important news to be followed.

"This year's NXTcomm 2008 doesn't have an overarching theme," Westfall told Kate Gerwig, site editor of "This year, it's really advances and improvements of existing technologies, particularly when it comes to combining technologies in an efficient manner."

Westfall said interest and actual progress with three-screen integration, like combining IPTV offerings with mobile capabilities, were signs that the industry was maturing and ready to make creative advances into the market.

"It took Microsoft 18 months to achieve their first million IPTV subscribers supported, but it took only about five months to add on the next million, so that reinforces the point that this technology is proving out, that this technology is scalable," Westfall said.

As with Microsoft's Media Room announcements, incremental change, polish, and progress dominated most vendor announcements.

"We're achieving these creative advances, and that is really the theme of the show," Westfall said.

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