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Remote access, WAN optimization, and network analysis news

Briefs: Remote access from Positive Networks helps with disaster recovery plans; Ipanema Technologies provides WAN optimization; Lancope rolls out network behavior analysis and response system tools.

Remote access solution for disaster recovery
With the potential for an avian flu pandemic keeping disaster recovery plans front of mind, Positive Networks recently announced a remote access solution to keep users connected in a crisis.

Positive Networks, maker of hosted managed remote access and endpoint security tools, this month released the PositivePRO Workforce Recovery Plan, which helps remote and mobile workers access network data and applications during any disruption. The tool lets companies determine their remote access requirements so workers can access the systems and files they need without performance degradation, bottlenecks or network security threats.

The new program uses Positive Networks' hosted remote access solution, so IT administrators can set up their employees without buying new hardware. Positive has several data centers nationwide that can handle spikes in remote access demand and redundancy protection.

WAN optimization and traffic management from Ipanema
Ipanema Technologies this week announced its Tele-Acceleration module to optimize applications on the WAN without putting a device at each side of the pipe.

Using TCP acceleration that speeds up the TCP protocol at the source avoids the need for a second device at the destination. The module can cut latency and low performance of TCP-based applications.

The Tele-Acceleration module optimizes meshed flows and determines the optimal bandwidth for each session to deliver applications to remote sites. It also combines both acceleration and performance guarantees.

Network analysis goes Stealth
Lancope Inc., maker of StealthWatch network behavior analysis and response system tools, this week announced the latest version of StealthWatch.

Version 5.5 includes router/switch monitoring and reporting, user identity tracking, and the new StealthWatch IDentity-1000, which can tie network traffic and host behavior directly to user identity.

StealthWatch 5.5 is a flow-based tool for end-to-end network visibility, which now allows network engineers and planners to streamline security and network operations processes, reduce the time and resources for identifying and remediating network events, and eliminate the cost and complexity associated with nonintegrated point solutions.

The IDentity-1000 portion automates user identity tracking by tying network events to the actual end user, featuring one-click user tracking for any network event and automatic identification of users and user sessions.

Using NetFlow and sFlow data from Cisco, Foundry, Extreme, Juniper and HP ProCurve routers and switches, the solution analyzes flows and combines behavior-based anomaly detection with traffic reporting and network optimization views. The solution can also track user identity by tying flows, alarms and alerts directly to the individual responsible for the activity, which eliminates DHCP and VPN address pools. With one click, network administrators can discover which user is logged into a network node or enter a login ID to see network activity.

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