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Route1 offers an enterprise-based solution for virtual desktop management; NetClarity protects against network vulnerability; California school district rolls out state-of-the-art Trapeze WLAN, wireless network,Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries, E-rate, Security and identity-management, Route1 Inc.,Route1 MobiKEY, Network vulnerability management, NetClarity introduced Auditor v5.0

Security identity

Security and identity-management vendor Route1 Inc. unveiled a technology roadmap that offers virtual computing access capabilities across the enterprise.

The company's MobiKEY Virtual Computing Access (VCA) solution, which is based on its flagship MobiKEY secure access technology, combines with virtual desktop platforms and Route1's SAFE (Simplified Access for Emergency) response solution to let organizations deploy a completely virtualized computing environment.

At the same time, the company claims, it will also lessen the operational impact of potential business disruptions resulting from human error and natural causes.

The company argues that virtual desktops are easy to manage and effective in disaster recovery and business continuity planning and will reduce the impact of potential work interruptions.

Route1 MobiKEY is embedded on a smart card-enabled, cryptographic USB device. MobiKEY plugs into the USB port of any Internet-enabled, Windows-based PC and immediately begins running applications on the office desktop. This unique secure-access solution is powered by MobiNET, a managed secure connectivity platform that enables the secure operation of office desktops over cellular data, WiFi, or LAN connections from any location worldwide.

Putting a stop to network vulnerability

Network vulnerability management product maker NetClarity introduced Auditor v5.0, which features 30 improvements over its predecessor, including an enhanced Vulnerability Quarantine System (VQS), integration with two additional smart switches, and support for integration with the leading network management and reporting tools. The tool enables IT staff to provide better, faster and easier pre-emptive, proactive network protection.

Auditor's VQS now provides MAC-based clientless Network Admission Control. This provides powerful endpoint security against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, the systemic cause of 95% of all security breaches.

The appliances now integrate with HP Procurve's smart switches and the 3Com Switch family, as well as Cisco's Catalyst series of smart switches. They also remain backward compatible with non-802.1x switches. This makes it even easier to automatically wall off malicious insiders, weak and distrusted assets, rogue devices, and dirty laptops while the network manager fixes problems.

Auditor now includes enterprise SNMP traps. This allows the appliances to be integrated with network management tools such as IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView and CA Unicenter, and with reporting systems such as Microsoft Excel and Business Objects. This enables large enterprises to have a single view into their networks' health and regulatory compliance posture.

Other new features of Auditor v5.0 include improved asset discovery and inventory alerting engines, automated encrypted backups to Windows and Linux servers, and logs that can be exported for forensic analysis and compliance requirements. In addition, Auditor v5.0 supports regulations in Canada, Japan, Poland, Thailand, the U.K. and several Latin American countries.

Schools invest big bucks in wireless

Coachella Unified School District, located about 30 miles from Palm Springs, is in one of the lowest-income areas in California. Yet it has deployed a state-of-the-art wireless network that outshines even some of the best-funded universities.

The district has an "Anytime, Anywhere Learning" philosophy that it backed with a mobility solution to let students and teachers alike take the tethers off the Ethernet cables and roam the campus to do their work anywhere, anytime. It is not uncommon to find students outside studying English literature beneath a tree.

The source of funding for the state-of-the-art project was the Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries. Popularly known as the "E-rate," this program provides all public and private schools and libraries access to affordable telecommunications and advanced technologies. Thanks to E-rate, Coachella paid $400,000 out of pocket, which was 10% of the deployment's entire price tag.

The district serves 16,000 students and about 1,000 staff across 22 locations. The Trapeze Mobility System includes Mobility Exchange switches, Mobility Point radios, Mobility System Software and RingMaster.

The Mobility System Software runs on all Trapeze equipment and drives all functions of the Trapeze Network's WLAN Mobility System. For its part, the Trapeze RingMaster tool suite provides pre- and post-deployment planning, configuration, management, monitoring and performance optimization of the Trapeze WLAN Mobility System.

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