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RSA Conference expands network security options

Security is top of mind, a fact revealed at last week's RSA Conference. Experts spoke about growing threats and how to avoid them while vendors released products to thwart attacks.

Last week's RSA Conference in San Jose, Calif., revealed a unified front against growing security threats to enterprise networks. Experts at the security conference, which was bustling with activity from vendors and attendees, put their heads together about strategies to prevent intruders, malicious attacks and data theft, while vendors rolled out products to help users shore up their front-line defense.

Juniper Networks, Inc. introduced a new line of firewall/VPN platforms with integrated LAN and WAN interfaces. The new Secure Services Gateway 520 and 550 platforms target medium-sized businesses and enterprises looking to beef up the security and connectivity requirements at their branch offices. Juniper Networks' Secure Services Gateway is based on the company's ScreenOS operating system and delivers up to one gigabit-per-second (Gbps) firewall and 500 megabits-per-second (Mbps)VPN throughput, providing intrusion prevention, Web filtering, antivirus and antispam capabilities to protect users from internal LAN- and external WAN-based security threats.

Citrix Systems, Inc. extended its Access Gateway SSL VPN product line by unveiling a product that targets large user environments. The Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition adds increased scalability, is certified to meet government and commercial security standards such as FIPS-140 and ICSA and offers optional integrated disaster recovery.

Array Networks, a maker of IP access solutions, extended its SSL VPN SPX Series with new features for management, security, reporting and capabilities. Array's virtualization features let service providers and large enterprises offer up to 256 fully independent virtual portals on the same infrastructure -- each with complete security and data separation. Array also added expanded role-based administration, which lets global administrators manage the entire system while delegating specific roles to the supplier, employee or customer virtual portal administrators.

ConSentry Networks upgraded its LANShield operating software, which enables enterprises to support a broad array of endpoint security software. LANShield release 2.0 integrates a dissolvable agent that manages mobile, guest and uncontrolled desktops attempting to access the LAN. This lets network managers decouple the host posture check decisions from the network enforcement device in order to deploy a transparent solution without forcing a switch upgrade or dictating specific endpoint software. ConSentry and its Secure LAN Controllers support leading endpoint security platforms, including Cisco's Network Admission Control, Microsoft's Network Access Protection and Trusted Computing Group's Trusted Network Connect.

Extreme Networks Inc. and AirTight Networks Inc. teamed up to help secure wired and wireless LANs using wireless intrusion prevention and performance management. AirTight's SpectraGuard Enterprise adds authentication, encryption and policy-based features to Extreme's Summit WM wireless LAN solution. Features gained include real-time visualization of the RF environment, wizard-driven wireless troubleshooting tools, performance management dashboard and location identification of wireless clients and asset tags.

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