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Networking Nuggets: Wireless LAN scans, cheap VPNs, patch management and more

Here rounds up some of the latest releases from various vendors.

Meru scans wireless LANs
Meru Networks announced a product that protects the wireless LAN at the radio frequency level. The Meru Security Services Module, a software module that works in combination with Meru's other WLAN products, is designed for industries that require high security, like government and financial agencies.

The module uses:

  • Continuous Micro-scanning with no disruption to network services. Micro-scanning allows an access point to inspect packets and scan channels for security violations while transmissions destined for other access points continue uninterrupted. It lets every access point on the network monitor and act as a Wi-Fi access point without disruption.
  • Radio Jamming. Radio Jamming eliminates rogue transmissions before they add any traffic to the network. Once the module scans and detects a rogue transmission, it jams it so the transmissions appear as white noise on the network and all authorized clients and access points ignore the transmission.
  • Transmission Scrambling to prevent attacks before they happen. WLAN security tools typically take packets and randomize the bits, giving only the sender and receiver the key to recover the information. The modules add radio frequency level scrambling, which only the sender and receiver can see and all other clients see as white noise.
SMBs get $600 SSL VPN
Small or mid-sized businesses looking to deploy a secure sockets layer (SSL) VPN on the cheap now have a new option, with SonicWALL rolling out a model for just under six Benjamin Franklins.

The SonicWALL SSL VPN 200 costs $595 and is designed specifically for organizations with fewer than 50 users that want secure remote and mobile access to network resources without license restrictions on the number of concurrent users. The SSL VPN 200 lets remote and mobile users connect to the network from any location or computer using a Web browser to access e-mail, files, intranets and applications. For other uses, like seamless access to corporate servers or complex applications, the appliance pushes a downloadable thin client to the user's desktop or laptop.

If used in conjunction with SonicWALL's PRO or TZ series firewall, the SSL VPN 200 offers threat protection by routing traffic for scanning through the firewall's deep packet inspection engine. It also works with the majority of other vendors' firewalls.

Foundry accelerates apps
Foundry Networks wants to speed up your applications. Last week, the vendor announced two new high-performance ServerIron Layer 4-7 switches with 10 gigabit Ethernet to enable scalable acceleration and delivery of emerging Web and VoIP applications.

The ServerIronGT C and E Series 10 gigE application switches have intelligent application traffic management, acceleration and security features. The design also enables on-demand expansion and performance upgrades, including the ability to add high-performance integrated SSL acceleration for secure Web service delivery.

Some key features of the ServerIron GT switches include:

  • Efficient load balancing
  • Intelligent content switching
  • Secure Web traffic acceleration
  • HTTP Web compression for bandwidth optimization
  • Web optimization with HTTP connection offload
  • Robust application security
  • High availability configurations with hitless failover
  • Comprehensive health checks
  • Transparent application support
  • Advanced layer 2/3 switching and routing

Both models are available next month. The ServerIronGT C series has two 10 gigE ports, one WSM7 applications switch management module, one power supply module and one expansion slot. The E series has two ports of 10 gigE, one WSM7 application switch management module, one power supply module and two expansion slots.

New server eases probe management
Network Instruments this week released the Network Instruments Management Server (NIMS), which helps manage and administer distributed remote analysis probes across heterogeneous networks. The server features centralized probe administrations and console-probe security while also giving administrators shared access to analysis tools.

The NIMS is designed specifically for managing Network Instruments' probes reporting to Observer consoles, which users deploy to analyze network statistics, review application traffic, manage VoIP communication and perform real-time packet captures. For managers, the server has boosted security, centralized licensing, and a centralized update service and failover redundancy. Without the server, a manager would have to administer each probe individually when there is a staff change, software update or other event that would affect distributed analysis capabilities.

KBOX KOs patch management
A new IT management suite from KACE hit the market this week, hoping to ease patch management with automated features.

The KBOX IT Management Suite 2.1 integrates a new help desk module with improved patch management, software distribution and the ability to manage automated installs of all patches in Microsoft Security Bulletins.

The KBOX IT Management Suite automatically manages, monitors and controls the inventory, distribution, patch, security, compliance, messaging, licensing and performance demands of every node on the network.

New features in version 2.1 include:

  • A new help desk module
  • Automated Microsoft Security Bulletin updates
  • Additional security and configuration wizards
  • Automated power-on for late night virus scans and patch updates
  • Support for multiple remote control packages
  • User self-service under IT control

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