News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates.'s Cisco Spotlight Series is your window into the executive suite at Cisco Systems. Each month we'll bring you an exclusive interview with a top Cisco executive. is your window into the executive suite at Cisco Systems. Each month we'll bring you an exclusive interview with a top Cisco executive, technology expert or thought leader.

It's part of our ongoing mission to provide you with the latest information on the networking giant's products and insight on how Cisco's strategies affect your organization.

Cisco Spotlight Series: Philanthropy gets plenty of bandwidth
The disasters of 2005 brought out the generous side of countless individuals and prompted many corporations to increase their giving. Cisco explains how it's pitching in and how networking pros everywhere can do the same. January 2006

Cisco Spotlight Series: A jolly good 'fellow'
Cisco fellow David Oran explains why VoIP will be far better than a PBX, the evils of product certifications and why your network security issues may really be QoS problems. November 2005

Cisco Spotlight Series: Service with a smile
Cisco's VP of advanced services tells why outsourcing is the right move for the networking giant, explains its new support for SMBs and explains why early Wi-Fi planning pays off. October 2005

Cisco Spotlight Series: The need for speed
Cisco's Gigabit Ethernet chief says the benefits of 10 Gigabit Ethernet are often overlooked, while Power over Ethernet and IP voice technologies are altering the Ethernet switch landscape. September 2005

Bridging networks and applications
The chief of Cisco's application-oriented networking unit explains how the technology reduces complexity without displacing middleware, and why network pros won't need to become application experts. August 2005

Opening up open source VoIP
One of Cisco's top VoIP engineers says it's critical to get VoIP management "absolutely right," and open source might be more useful than most realize. July 2005

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An afterlife for Airespace
The VPs of Cisco's wireless business unit talk about the company's Airespace acquisition, the merger's effects on existing customers and how it will shape future Wi-Fi products. June 2005

A router for all seasons
The vice president of Cisco's ISR group says the company's updated integrated routing platform provides branch offices with all the features of the enterprise, and says it welcomes a challenge by low-margin overseas competitors. May 2005

Security outside the silo
Cisco senior vice president Jayshree Ullal explains how the company's unified security initiatives are making networks safer, plus details Cisco's security strategy regarding XML, end points and Microsoft. April 2005

MPLS in the enterprise
Cisco Multiprotocol Label Switching strategist Azhar Sayeed says MPLS won't solve all your network's problems and isn't necessarily easy, but it can improve QoS and provide other surprising benefits. March 2005

Applications are the network's future
Top Cisco strategist Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn says to survive, network administrators will need more business savvy and application expertise, and that XML management is part of the vendor's short- and long-term plans. February 2005

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