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If you missed our coverage of Interop 2005 and couldn't make it to Vegas, we've gathered all our articles for you in one place.

The name may have changed, but Interop 2005 -- formerly known as Networld+Interop -- once again proved to be a hotbed of news and perspectives that will affect the market for some time.

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Cisco brings multifunction router to the masses
Announced this morning at Interop, Cisco's new integrated services routers enable more organizations to afford routers offering services such as security and QoS at wire speed.

Chambers says business success depends on the network
In his keynote at Interop 2005, Cisco's CEO said future technology innovations will increase networking productivity, ultimately making businesses more profitable and successful.

Standards advances haven't ended Wi-Fi security struggle
Advanced standards promise to make wireless LANs safer, but experts at Interop 2005 say implementing and managing the advanced Wi-Fi security technology can be daunting.

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Kriens makes case for industry cooperation
In his Interop 2005 keynote, Juniper CEO Scott Kriens says his company endorses industry collaboration and believes in multivendor networks, but some wonder whether Juniper is just interested in minimizing the competition.

Do blended threats need all-in-one or best-of-breed?
Interop 2005 speakers say a single, comprehensive security device is the remedy for thwarting blended security threats, but objective sources disagree.

Without usability, SIP too tough to swallow
SIP may provide a taste of what's needed to build interoperable collaboration systems, but Interop 2005 attendees say usability problems and lacking standards are leaving them bitter.

VoIP regulatory issues concern Interop attendees
Regulatory fees and 911 access problems linger in the corporate VoIP market, and concerned Interop attendees say those issues could affect the technology's future.

Interop notebook: The unusual suspects
Almost lost in the sea of Interop 2005 product and service providers were a few unique exhibitors that hope to send waves of change throughout the industry.

WiMax: Wi-Fi killer or dead on arrival?
Panelists at Interop 2005 say WiMax could displace Wi-Fi, cable and DSL, but some question whether it will ever find its niche.

Experts call management Wi-Fi's biggest challenge
Forget security. When it comes to implementing Wi-Fi, experts explain why management is the toughest challenge.

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