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Expert Ed Tittel: 10 GB Ethernet implementations reach commercial viability

See why Ed Tittel believes 2005 will be an interesting and active year in networking.

2005 promises to be an interesting and active year in networking. With 10 GB Ethernet implementations reaching commercial viability, look for some motion in that direction in communications infrastructure companies and big enterprises where more bandwidth is always desirable, and where even 10 GB can't satisfy such users for long. 2005 also promises to be a banner year for IP telephony, with wireless handsets able to start accessing suitable hot spots in both private and public situations.

I also expect combination devices that integrate VoIP, switch, firewall/router/NAT & DHCP server and other capabilities to become more popular and widespread. Given the relative lack of IPv6 news in 2004, I'm wondering if that topic won't remain similarly quiet in 2005, though I'm personally hoping for some action on that front myself. I also expect wireless networking technologies to continue to become more widely used, faster, cheaper and (hopefully) more secure.

Ed Tittel, President, LANWrights
Ed Tittel is a principal at LANWrights, Inc., a network-oriented writing, training, and consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. He is the recipient of the 2004 Networking Professional Association Career Achievement Award, recently presented at Networld+Interop Las Vegas.

Ed is the creator of the Exam Cram series and has worked on over 50 certification-related books on Microsoft, Novell, CompTIA, information security and Sun-related topics. From 1996 until 2001, Ed taught in the Certified Webmaster Program at Austin Community College. He is a member of the NetWorld+ Interop faculty, where he specializes in Windows-related courses on security and performance topics. Ed is also a contributing editor to Certification magazine, a columnist for, a writer for numerous TechTarget Web sites and Series Editor for Que Certification's Exam Cram and Training Guide books.

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