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Expert Michael Gregg: Increased emphasis on intrusion-prevention systems

Michael Gregg shares his thoughts on IPS, wireless technologies and spam and spyware for 2005.

I believe we will see increased deployment of intrusion-prevention systems (IPS) in 2005. This will be in large part due to the fact that response time is everything and integrated prevention systems can respond quickly when applications or users deviate from normal behavior.

I also think the coming year will offer better wireless networking options. As wireless technologies continue to improve, more organizations will make the shift. This will help drive down prices and the increased competition will increase feature set and consumer options.

Spam and spyware will continue to be a problem. Look for the government to pass additional laws to try to curb its growth. The FTC will also step in and attempt to control this major irritation.

Organizations will implement more monitoring and control systems on employees in 2005. Recent internal attacks have highlighted the need for stricter compliance mechanisms. This will include biometrics and network monitoring. Internet and network compliance systems will experience good growth.

The one constant in this industry is and will continue to be change. Therefore we will continue to see the outsourcing of IT jobs. Overall growth in the industry will, however, offer new opportunities in emerging fields.

Michael Gregg, President, Superior Solutions Inc.
Michael Gregg has more than 15 years experience in the IT field. Michael is the President of Superior Solutions, Inc., a Houston based training and consulting firm. He is an expert on networking, security, and Internet technologies. He holds two associates degrees, a bachelor's degree, and a master's degree. He presently maintains the following certifications: MCSE, MCT, CTT, A+, N+, CNA, CCNA, CIW Security Analyst, and TICSA.

He is a member of the Independent Computer Consulting Association and of the Texas Association of Educational Technology. When he's not training, consulting, or writing, Mike enjoys traveling. He is an avid music collector. His collection ranges from records, 8-track tapes, CD's, and MP3's.

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