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Expert Chris Partsenidis: VoIP remains strong; The year of Bluetooth

Chris shares his predictions for 2005 and believes VoIP remains steady, Bluetooth has its year and wireless networking replace wired networks at a much faster pace.

As this year comes to a close, we are getting ready to embrace next year's surprises, which will certainly change a lot about how we move and work in our every day routine and future careers.

Judging from the new technological innovations introduced in the year 2004 and the state of the global financial market, I would say that:

  1. VoIP will remain a 'hot' technology in 2005 and its adoption will start to break into medium and smaller businesses as new VoIP products will be introduced at very competitive prices.


  2. Large ISP's and telecommunication companies will invest more in VoIP networks, allowing cheaper calls to both local and international destinations.


  3. Wireless networking will continue to replace wired networks at a much faster pace as we come close to speeds of 100 Mbps, enabling the technology to serve bandwidth hungry applications.


  4. Bluetooth will be integrated with most applications and network devices. If 2004 was the year of Wi-Fi, then I predict that 2005 will be the year of Bluetooth, as it is slowly but steadily makes its appearance in most telecommunication areas, especially mobile devices.


  5. Personal firewalls, anti-spam ware and anti-virus programs will be essential for every personal computer.


  6. IT jobs will pickup. With the expected growth in IT technologies and their adoptions, certified candidates will have good opportunities to find their dream job.


  7. Demanding and thorough 'human filtering' will be evident in most IT jobs, as the sector is saturated with certified professionals. This will have an impact on professionals that don't acquire the appropriate level of knowledge and expertise for a desired position. logoChris Partsenidis, Founder and Senior Editor,
Chris is the founder and senior editor of -- one of the few websites recommended by Cisco Systems in its world class Cisco Academy program. is also the only official Cisco Press reviewer in the world. Today, with over 1,500,000 page views per month, is amongst the most popular and respected network portals in the world, covering Cisco networking, security VPN, routing, switching and VoIP Call Manager Express technologies. analyzes over 450 topics, with over 35,000 answered forum questions and offers free Cisco training via its world-first free Cisco lab. 

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