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Expert Nandan Gijare: SAN and NAS technologies are hot

Nandan Gjare share's his predictions on SAN and NAS technologies, content networking and the WLAN market.

Two technologies that I believe will be hot in 2005 are storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS). These technologies have a lot of promises for large organizations, which usually deal with lots of data. When data is accessed by multiple people, it can get very messy if everyone starts maintaining his or her own copy. SAN and NAS technologies provide a common shared storage that is as fast as your computer hard drive. As these technologies deliver fast and reliable storage, look for them to be adapted by many more enterprises over the course of the next year.

Another technology to look for in 2005 is content networking. It has already picked up steam over the course of this past year and it is expected to grow further in 2005. This would be mainly used by service providers and very large organizations, which have distributed users accessing data, which is centrally located.

Finally, wireless LANs have already captured a substantial portion of LAN market, and they are expected to grow further in 2005. Due to the higher data speeds now supported by wireless LANs and enhanced security options available to the users, wireless LAN technology is going to pick up very fast in 2005. Small, medium and large organizations are all going to adopt this technology equally.

Nandan Gijare, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE
Nandan has more than seven years experience in the networking industry. He began his career as a Network Administrator at CMC Limited in 1997. In this role he was involved in complex LAN and WAN design and implementations. At CMC he worked on various technologies including routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, etc.), switching (Spanning Tree, VTP, multicasting, etc.), WAN technologies (ATM, ISDN, Frame Relay, MPLS, QoS etc.) His favorite field is routing, and he is well versed in VoIP based network design and implementation.

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