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Expert Patrick Ferriter: Open standards to rule

Here's a look at Patrick Ferriter's predictions for 2005.

The majority of all new VoIP and networking products introduced to the market in 2005 will be based on open standards and the number of VoIP deployments in enterprises will continue to grow at a fast pace. Wireless LAN deployments will increase in number with the increase in VoIP deployments, as VoIP is one of the major reasons to deploy a wireless LAN. Many new Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) will appear and will provide SIP-based services to businesses, replacing traditional connections to the PSTN. Businesses of all sizes will begin to sign up and receive service from these ITSPs to get better rates when calling most destinations. In general, businesses will become more aware of the benefits of VoIP for their company, namely gains in productivity and a reduction in overall costs.

Patrick Ferriter, Vice President of Product Marketing, Zultys Technologies
Patrick has over six years experience in the communications industry. He holds a BSEE degree from Purdue University. Prior to joining Zultys, Patrick achieved a detailed understanding of the technical protocols in voice and data communications during his tenure with Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Coppercom, and Zarak. Having become an expert in the areas of technical and field support, testing, and product management, Patrick helps drive the market requirements from concept through to manufacturing.

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