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Singlefin, IMLogic join forces to offer hosted IM

Singlefin and IMLogic have joined forces to offer new hosted IM filtering services to thwart SPIM, or IM spam, as well as viruses, worms and spyware.

Singlefin has inked a deal with IMLogic to offer hosted instant messaging (IM) and Web filtering services.

Singlefin, a Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.-based hosted messaging company, has teamed with IMLogic, a vendor of IM management software, to provide IM security services as part of its Global Gateway Services offering.

Under the terms of the deal, IMLogic, based in Waltham, Mass., will supply Singlefin with its IM Manager products, which include IM security software, as well as compliance and archiving functionality.


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Singlefin said the new addition to its hosted offering is designed to protect enterprise IM users from SPIM (Spam via IM), viruses, worms and spyware.

According to Singlefin, its new managed Web filtering service protects companies from identity spoofing and virus attacks that may happen when employees surf the Web. The Web filtering service also allows companies to monitor and report on employee use of the Internet, and to block certain Web sites.

Michael D. Osterman, president and founder of Black Diamond, Wash.-based Osterman Research Inc., said that Singlefin's move to bundle Web filtering with IM security services is a unique approach and a good idea.

"It's important to integrate that because some threats can come from the Web," Osterman explained.

But, the analyst added, SPIM is not a very big problem at this time, and companies may think twice before spending money to defend against it.

"In a survey we did earlier this year, we found that about 70% of people never get SPIM," Osterman said. "But I think SPIM may be where SPAM was a few years ago. It's never going to be as serious a problem as SPAM, but it still could be a problem."

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