Network management and monitoring

  • April 25, 2012 25 Apr'12

    Juniper reveals some full QFabric deployments in earnings call

    Enterprises tend to be conservative with their data center networks, which makes Juniper Networks' efforts to displace legacy architectures with its new data center network fabric, QFabric, a ...

  • April 24, 2012 24 Apr'12

    Cisco SDN strategy: Insieme morale issue is a sideshow

    Many of the bloggers who have analyzed and reported on the news of Insieme, Cisco's latest spin-in, have talked about how the company's formation is a morale-killer for Cisco employees. The concern ...

  • April 17, 2012 17 Apr'12

    LineRate Systems: Virtualizing Layer 4-7 services

    Keeping up with emerging start-ups in the software-defined networking (SDN) market is becoming a full-time job. Most of the SDN buzz centers on Layer 2/3 networking. That's what is dominating the ...

  • April 09, 2012 09 Apr'12

    Palo Alto IPO could spell big trouble for Juniper and Cisco

    Application-aware firewall vendor Palo Alto Networks has filed for an IPO that could signal big competitive trouble for Cisco and Juniper Networks. Though Palo Alto has not yet turned a profit (the ...

  • March 29, 2012 29 Mar'12

    Cisco's mysterious spin-in hiring talent from SDN vendors

    I think it's safe to say that Cisco's answer to software-defined networking and OpenFlow is starting to take shape. Om Malik reports that Insieme (or Insiemi, depending on whom you talk to), a ...

  • March 20, 2012 20 Mar'12

    Network Innovation Award: Cisco Prime for service-centric management

    Cisco Prime is the winner of the Network Innovation Award for management. Cisco Prime integrates network, endpoint and application-level information.

  • March 16, 2012 16 Mar'12

    CompTIA helping wounded veterans gain IT certs

    CompTIA, through its Creating IT Futures Foundation, is working with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) to help U.S. military veterans transition into IT careers. Last summer, CompTIA promised to ...

  • February 29, 2012 29 Feb'12

    Extreme Networks now shipping 192-port 40 GbE switch

    The BlackDiamond X8, which Extreme Networks first announced last spring, is now shipping. If you are struggling with density and oversubscription problems in your data center core, this chassis ...

  • February 15, 2012 15 Feb'12

    HP OpenFlow: A move away from the 'tyranny of CLI'

    When HP announced it would support OpenFlow across 16 switches, the company showed it was serious about the programmable, abstracted network. Time to say buh bye to CLI?

  • February 13, 2012 13 Feb'12

    Behind the scenes at UNH's InterOperability Lab

    I recently visited the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) for a behind-the-scenes tour. This 32,000-square-foot facility is the place where networking vendors large ...

  • February 02, 2012 02 Feb'12

    HP Networking makes OpenFlow generally available on 16 switch models

    HP Networking announced today that OpenFlow support is generally available on 16 different switches within it's HP 3500, 5400 and 8200 Series. Openflow, an open source protocol, enables ...

  • January 26, 2012 26 Jan'12

    Meraki: from cloud-based WLAN to cloud-based networking

    When start-up Meraki first hit the scene a few years ago, it was known as the cloud-based wireless LAN vendor, yet another player in a very crowded market. Today it's repositioning itself as a ...

  • January 11, 2012 11 Jan'12

    Big Switch Networks offers open source OpenFlow controller

    Big Switch Networks is releasing an open source version of its OpenFlow controller. The controller, Floodlight, is available under the Apache 2.0 license. In the emerging software-defined ...

  • January 10, 2012 10 Jan'12

    Gigabit Wi-Fi previewed at CES

    A number of vendors are showing off early demonstrations of gigabit Wi-Fi at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. By choosing CES as the venue for these demos, the ...

  • January 09, 2012 09 Jan'12

    The IT jobs market: IT workers with business skills needed

    According Foote Partners LLC, the technology labor market analysis firm, the United States added IT jobs in 2011, but companies are looking for a different kind of IT worker than they were in the ...