Network Security Best Practices and Products

  • October 29, 2003 29 Oct'03

    Quiz: In the spammer's lair

    After you've reviewed our LearnIT series on defeating spam in the enterprise quiz yourself to see what you've learned about spam.

  • October 28, 2003 28 Oct'03

    Vendor combines firewall, VPN, IDS

    Internet Security Systems has released an all-in-one product that combines a firewall, VPN, antivirus and IDS. An analyst says combination products could be the next big network security trend.

  • October 27, 2003 27 Oct'03

    Preaching the merits of protocol analysis

    Meet the networking industry's Pat Robertson. No, Laura Chappell doesn't save souls; she saves networks. As founder and senior protocol analyst with the San Jose, Calif.-based Protocol Analysis Institute, she travels from enterprise to enterprise, ...

  • October 23, 2003 23 Oct'03

    The barriers between you and a 'hack-proof' network

    At the upcoming Networking Decisions conference, taking place Nov. 5-7 in Atlanta, network security expert Jeffrey Posluns will offer his insights on what it takes to successfully evaluate the security of an enterprise infrastructure. The founder of...

  • October 22, 2003 22 Oct'03

    How does a firewall work?

    A firewall is a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server, that protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks. (The term also implies the security policy that is used with the programs.) An enterprise ...

  • October 14, 2003 14 Oct'03

    Emergence of WPA threatens gateway vendors

    Analysts say that, unless wireless LAN gateway vendors evolve to address customers' changing enterprise management needs, they could be facing extinction at the hands of Cisco and others.

  • August 20, 2003 20 Aug'03

    Balancing Web filtering and employee privacy

    Employers are increasingly concerned with how their employees use the Internet; legal liability and lost productivity can result from goofing off, viewing offensive material or downloading huge files that clog up the network. These concerns have ...

  • July 30, 2003 30 Jul'03

    HP pushes 'access control on steroids'

    As part of its new Adaptive Network Architecture Service, Hewlett-Packard is offering a network access control tool that enables admins to grant external parties limited access to network resources without punching holes in the corporate firewall.

  • July 15, 2003 15 Jul'03

    Firewalls charred by network complexity

    Experts discussing the future of firewalls at the recent Burton Group Catalyst Conference 2003 say that the complexity in networks and applications desperately needs to be addressed.

  • June 06, 2003 06 Jun'03

    MPLS and VPN Architectures: Multicast VPN

    This chapter describes in detail how to achieve multicast services between multiple sites of a VPN that has an existing multicast network or is intending to deploy multicast.

  • June 06, 2003 06 Jun'03

    Cisco Networking Simplified: Security

    This chapter excerpt lays out the basic principles of network security in an easy-to-read format with helpful illustrations.

  • May 14, 2003 14 May'03

    CCIE Security: Operating Systems and Cisco Security Applications

    This chapter excerpt reviews two of today's most common end user operating systems, UNIX and Windows NT.

  • February 24, 2003 24 Feb'03

    Network Security Principles and Practices: Secure LAN switching

    This book excerpt offers steps you can take to make Layer 2 environments and switches more secure, including permit lists, protocol filtering and VLANs.

  • February 20, 2003 20 Feb'03

    Security awareness for end users

    Security awareness for end users - Quiz 4

  • February 13, 2003 13 Feb'03

    Security attacks

    Security attacks quiz #3