Network Security Best Practices and Products

  • September 23, 2004 23 Sep'04

    Symantec firewalls, gateways vulnerable

    Several Symantec firewalls and gateway appliances are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks that potentially allow a device's configuration to be altered. The vendor has released patches.

  • September 16, 2004 16 Sep'04

    End-point vendors gain from slow Cisco strategy

    Cisco promises that its NAC strategy will soon be the best way to assess network device vulnerability, but until it's completed in 2005, other vendors are stepping up to fill the void.

  • September 09, 2004 09 Sep'04

    Cooldown expected for firewall market

    Firewalls were hot last year, but research shows the standalone market is cooling off as other types of network devices add more security features.

  • September 01, 2004 01 Sep'04

    What is a virtual private network (VPN)?

    Confused about what a virtual private network does? Start here, and then proceed through our links below.

  • August 05, 2004 05 Aug'04

    Cisco defends NAC security strategy

    Networking market leader Cisco Systems Inc. wants to fundamentally change network security. While security devices have long been part of the network edge, Cisco is turning that model on its head with its self-defending network strategy by ...

  • August 02, 2004 02 Aug'04

    VPN market makes room for IPsec and SSL

    IPsec VPNs are entrenched in many enterprises, but easier-to-use SSL VPNs could soon be just as popular. Experts explain where each type of VPN works best.

  • July 30, 2004 30 Jul'04

    Network devices face unending dangers

    Denial-of-service attacks, mirror points and false routing are just a few of the ways hackers can disrupt networks, but a Burton Group analyst explains how enterprises can thwart device danger.

  • July 15, 2004 15 Jul'04

    Security word search answer key

    Security word search answer key

  • July 14, 2004 14 Jul'04

    Analysis: Security strategies put Microsoft, Cisco at odds

    Microsoft is pushing ahead with its own network security strategy without the cooperation of Cisco Systems. Experts say that could cause discord among vendors and sizable interoperability problems for enterprises.

  • July 13, 2004 13 Jul'04

    Security word search

    Test your security knowledge by having some fun with this word search and enter our contest for your chance to win a free security book.

  • July 07, 2004 07 Jul'04

    Cisco's self-defending networks progress, slowly

    Cisco Systems Inc. has been in the process of folding security into its network infrastructure for some time. The initiative, known as the self-defending network strategy, is a part of Cisco's overall push to add more intelligence into the network. ...

  • June 15, 2004 15 Jun'04

    Content filtering helps snub spyware

    ServGate partners with SurfControl adding content filtering to the company's modular multi-function security device.

  • May 10, 2004 10 May'04

    On security, is Cisco the next Microsoft?

    After a flood of recent security vulnerabilities, some wonder if Cisco's security track record is becoming as tarnished as Microsoft's. Though the networking giant is wearing a bigger target than ever, experts say good communication and best ...

  • April 13, 2004 13 Apr'04

    Cisco says despite risks, LEAP wasn't worth fixing

    Even though the LEAP security flaw could affect half of Cisco's WLAN customers, the company didn't patch it because more LEAP flaws could have emerged. While experts say LEAP should be abandoned immediately, they say Cisco's security strategy is ...

  • March 30, 2004 30 Mar'04

    Teens write script to attack Cisco devices

    Cisco has provided code upgrades and mitigation suggestions for numerous vulnerabilities in key networking solutions for which exploit code already exists.